The Finest in Frosting

Dollop Gourmet Frosting is the brainchild of Heather Saffer, WINNER of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, author of The Dollop Book of Frosting, and Nationally renowned frosting badass. Conceptualized upon the realization that the people of the world need a fresh take on the old artificial ways of ready-to-eat frosting. Real frosting is finally here, and it’s delicious!

P.S. Think frosting is just for cake, do you? Well grab yourself a seat, and one giant spoon, because you’re about to set off on one wild ride.

Watch Heather Win Cupcake Wars!

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Hot Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Blondies

This year’s Thanksgiving is going to be small for my family. Just four of us, in fact. “Quaint” is how it would be described in a real estate ad.

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Birthday Cake Cookies Dollop’d with Frosting

My friend, Kyle was coming over last night to watch Jurassic Park, and by 5pm I realized that I didn’t have any snacks for us. But more importantly, I didn’t have any dessert, so off I flew to Wegmans to pick up some baking materials.

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first jar off production line
Dollop Frosting Officially Launches this Weekend

Whew! This week has been a cyclone! And it’s what, only Wednesday?

All good things, my friends, all good things!

You know how I said Dollop Frosting would be on store shelves by the week of November 10th? Well…

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Heather & Jason
My Philosophy On Baking is This

My hair smelled like sugar and cheese.

Yes, sugar goes with cheese. Don’t give me that look.

In fact, it goes especially well with mini pocket pies stuffed with cinnamon apple filling. Yesterday, my afternoon was spent baking.

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