The Finest in Frosting

Dollop Gourmet Frosting is the brainchild of Heather Saffer, WINNER of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, author of The Dollop Book of Frosting, and Nationally renowned frosting badass. Conceptualized upon the realization that the people of the world need a fresh take on the old artificial ways of ready-to-eat frosting. Real frosting is finally here, and it’s delicious!

P.S. Think frosting is just for cake, do you? Well grab yourself a seat, and one giant spoon, because you’re about to set off on one wild ride.

Watch Heather Win Cupcake Wars!

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Fearless Fall Desserts

Fall is here!! Who’s excited?? Not me; I love summer, and I mourn its death. That’s why I needed to get myself psyched up with delicious fall recipes. Like these super simple Firebomb Baked Apples! Mmm… And these healthy Oatmeal Pumpkin Bakes! Ahhh… Both recipes being perfect for breakfast OR dessert. Morning OR night. Your […]

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now available at meijer
Dollop Launches in All Meijer Stores

Hey Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Kentucky! We’re in ya! I am very excited to announce that as of a couple weeks ago Dollop Gourmet frosting can be found in ALL 215 Meijer stores! The folks at Meijer have been awesome to work with. Seriously, just a fantastic retailer. So if you live in […]

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fancy food show image
Dollop Gourmet Exhibits at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2015

I really wanted to write this post as a deep, meaningful ode to what it means to me to exhibit at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC this weekend. Because it means a lot. A whole lot. And I’m not just referring to money. (Although yes, I’m also referring to money. $$$$.) But it’s […]

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strawberry brie sliced 2 copy
Roasted Strawberry, Chocolate, & Brie Pizza

The first time I spread the creamy contents of a jar of frosting all over the surface of a thinly rolled pizza crust, topped it with sliced peaches, sprinkled it with toasted coconut, drizzled it with caramel sauce, and tossed it on the grill, I swear I heard angels sing. There’s nothing quite like discovering the […]

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