Q: Why do you use clear jars?

A: We believe in transparency. You deserve to see exactly what you’re buying. With other frostings, it’s all a mystery. The only mystery with Dollop Gourmet is the mystery of what delicious creation you’ll be making.

Q: Why is my jar not full to the top?

A: Our jars contain 12 oz. of frosting--a very healthy average. We choose to use 16 oz. jars so we can leave room in the jar for you to add all of your favorite things, and stir them up right in the jar. (Sprinkles, chocolate chips, coconut, we’re talking about you.)

Q: Are Dollop Gourmet jars recyclable?

A: Yes! Throw them in your bin or better yet, make some treats and store them in your empty jars. The screw off cap is perfect for ease of use and transporting of snacks.

Q: If Dollop Gourmet has half the sugar of other frostings, what do you replace the sugar with?

A: Nothing! Conventional frosting has way too much sugar. While most frostings just taste like spreadable sugar, ours is packed with flavor. We don’t add replacement sugars like agave or stevia because we simply don’t need to. There’s no need for all that sugar when you know how to create pure delicious flavors like we do.

Q: Does Dollop Gourmet contain peanuts/tree nuts/ wheat/dairy/soy /corn/coconut/eggs?

A: We’re highly sensitive to food allergies. Our goal was to create a frosting that everyone can enjoy. Although Dollop Gourmet is free from wheat, dairy, soy, coconut, eggs, and tree nuts, our products do contain corn. We’re consciously searching for a way to eliminate this allergen, and we promise to keep you updated on our efforts.

Q: Is Dollop manufactured on the same equipment that produces peanuts/tree nuts/ wheat/dairy/soy /corn/coconut/eggs?

A: We are very stringent about our sanitary practices, making sure the equipment is sufficiently cleaned and sanitized between runs. With this being said, we do manufacture on equipment that also produces products containing peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and dairy.

Q: I heard palm oil was bad for the environment, is that true?

A: We understand the concern revolving palm and the environment. That’s why we sourced one of the only global suppliers of organic and fully-identity preserved palm oil products. We are confident in our selection of this supplier and their commitment to sustainability for our environment.

Q: Where is Dollop Gourmet made?

A: USA! We are committed to keeping our products made in the USA.

Q: Is Dollop Gourmet kosher?

A: Our products are not currently certified Kosher but we are working on getting the proper certification, so stay tuned. Sign up for our email list and you’ll be the first to know when!

Q: My jars arrived and the frosting was too firm to spread. What can I do?

A: Since we don’t use any preservatives or fake stuff, our frostings change consistency depending on the temperature. This is a good thing! If your frosting is cold it’ll be a bit hard to spread. Either whip it in the bowl of a stand mixer or heat the frosting for 10-20 seconds to soften it up. Easy!

Q: Do I need to refrigerate my jars after they’re open?

A: No need to refrigerate Dollop Gourmet. We don’t use any dairy in our products so they’re shelf stable, even after opening. This means that you can head to the cupboard and dip a spoon in anytime you like!

Q: How long does Dollop Gourmet last after a jar has been opened?

A: We recommend using your jar within two weeks after opening. Most people find it never lasts that long in their cupboards though.

Q: How many cakes/cupcakes does one jar frost?

A: This depends how much frosting you like on your cake. One jar will typically frost the top and sides of a nine inch two layered cake or one dozen cupcakes.

Q: What else can I use Dollop Gourmet for other than cakes?

A: What can’t you use Dollop Gourmet for, you mean! Use it as a dip, topping, spread, sauce, you name it. Just check out our recipe section for more ideas.

Q: I don’t bake, is Dollop Gourmet for me?

A: This one’s easy: Yes! Dollop Gourmet is used by non-bakers more often than not. We believe that everyone deserves a dollop of gourmet dessert in his or her life, and that there’s no need to bake to get it.

Q: I’m on a diet, is Dollop Gourmet for me?

A: Let’s start by saying we don’t believe in diets. We’re all about the healthy lifestyle, which involves exercise, balance, and not depriving yourself of your favorite foods. A little dollop goes a long way. Like we always say: The name means “small”, but the taste says it all.