How to Dollop

Beyond cupcakes; Dollop is perfect on - 

Cake - Right out of the jar, Dollop Gourmet frostings are the perfect topping for cakes of all kinds—cupcakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, baby cakes; coffee cakes, cake pops, layer cakes, and sheet cakes. Chocolate cake, vanilla cake, marble cake, confetti cake, pound cake, angel food cake… you get the idea. 

Fruit - Picture apple slices smeared with Sea Salt Caramel, bananas and strawberries dipped fondue-style in melted Hot Chocolate, and Madagascar Vanilla spread on graham crackers and topped with kiwi slices and raspberries. Dip your grapes in it, blend it into your mango smoothies, or scoop out the pits of your peaches and replace them with Dollop Gourmet.

Salty snacks - You already know pretzels dipped in frosting is basically the meaning of life—not to mention Peanut Butter Cookie Dough and jelly on Ritz (trademark?) crackers. But have you considered homemade popcorn drizzled with melted Madagascar Vanilla Frosting and sprinkled with salt? Or potato chips dipped in Hot Chocolate frosting? Obviously, almonds can roll around in that stuff all day long and nobody will complain.

Breakfast - Anyone who tells you that cake isn’t the perfect breakfast is delusional (or has never tasted DollopGourmet, in which case you should enlighten them). Slap it on some pancakes, slather it on French toast, spread it on your bagels, donuts, and muffins, or assemble a life-changing granola/fruit parfait and become the ultimate brunch champion.

Desserts - Desserts of all kinds are better dressed with a dollop of gourmet frosting. Sugar cookies feel particularly naked with out it, and who in their right mind would let a homemade Poptart go topless? But never forget there’s no shame in a bottomless dessert, as long as your spoon goes skinny dipping in a jar of DollopGourmet frosting.