We’ve removed the junk.
And used half as much sugar.

Our idea was to change the way people think of frosting.
To remove the junk.
To use half as much sugar. 
To make it snackable. To make it real. To gourmet it up.
With this comes a commitment to using only premium, natural ingredients.
Organic, wherever possible.
Always gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. 
Because everyone deserves to enjoy the best in life.
And the best in frosting. 

Below you can read all about our premium, high quality ingredients.
Because transparency. It’s our thing.


PALM SHORTENING -- Rainforest Alliance Certified. USDA Organic. Trans Fat Free. Sustainable.

We understand the concern revolving palm and the environment. That’s why we sourced one of the only global suppliers of organic and fully-identity preserved palm oil products. We are confident in our selection of this supplier and their commitment to sustainability for our environment.

ORGANIC CANE SUGAR – Why organic? Sure, it costs more than conventional, but we feel better knowing that our sugar is high quality and free from GMO’s. On top of all that, we only use half as much as those other frostings you know.

MADAGASCAR BOURBON PURE VANILLA – We use the highest quality Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract from a company called Nielsen—Massey, makers of the world’s finest vanilla. Why did we choose Nielsen—Massey? Because we believe that vanilla frosting should taste like real vanilla. Plain and simple.

NATURAL FLAVORS – Our natural flavors are real, pure flavors. Nothing artificial here. We’ve taste tested and scoured the country for only the best natural non-GMO flavors. You’ll be able to taste the difference, we promise. 

PEANUT BUTTER – Our premium peanut butter comes from a little company you may know and love called Peanut Butter & Co. It’s not the cheapest on the planet, but it is one of the best. And we only want the best for you. 

RICE BRAN EXTRACT – You see this labeled on the jar and you wonder what it’s for. That’s ok, we wondered too in the beginning. Rice Bran Extract is made straight from rice (gluten-free!) and is used as a binder, to make our frostings just a little bit tighter (you know, like squats). This is our alternative to soy lecithin. 

Changing frosting forever, one jar at a time.