Sampler Pack

A sampler pack of each of our 4 signature flavors! 

Hot Chocolate - Imagine a mug of rich, creamy, decadent hot chocolate that has been whipped into a heavenly cloud that’s floating right on your spoon. Now stop imagining and get up on that goodness! Some things in life are magic: wizards, piano-playing puppies, and Hot Chocolate frosting schmeared on everything. Savor the magic.

Madagascar Vanilla - We used only the purest Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract (that’s right—bourbon) to give you the most velvety vanilla frosting your mouth has had the pleasure of meeting. It’s particularly luscious when mounded on top of a Funfetti cake, smashed between two snickerdoodles, or stuffed into French toast, but whatever you do, save us a piece—we’ll be right over.

Cream Cheese Cashmere -  How exactly did we decide to create rich and dreamy dairy-free vegan cream cheese frosting? It was really a no-brainer. Know what else is a no-brainer? All the things that are better with a dollop of cream cheese frosting of it: carrot cake, red velvet cake, pretzels, carrots, apples, spoons, fingers… I’m sure you’re catching on. But for the love of frosting, Instagram it first!

Sea Salted CaramelThis rich, buttery flavor with pure saffron pink Himalayan sea salt is so luxuriously sweet and salty that just a dollop of it spread on your morning muffin, afternoon apple, or bedtime brownie will have you thinking the Universe for one fabulously delicious day. But you better watch your jar… because now you see salt it and now you don’t. Seriously though, you should always sea salt it.

All products are free of GMOs and preservatives.

Sustainably sourced palm shortening—Rainforest Alliance Certified.
Please see Nutrition Panel image for ingredient list and nutrition information.

12 oz Net wt.

Made in America

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