It's Showtime: Video From The Archives

January 17, 2012

So instead of writing a blog post this week I've decided to entertain you with something old yet new... my Cupcake Wars Audition video! We shot this over the summer yet I never shared it with any of you fine people. Why? I was slightly afraid it was offensive and I also didn't want a gazillion people repeatedly asking me if I had been chosen for the show. The producers didn't contact me although this was the second year I had auditioned and it spawned a feeling in me reminiscent of being dumped by a boyfriend. Every person who brought up the the show, telling me I should be on it made me feel just a bit more depressed and unworthy of cupcake stardom. Hence, I decided to keep this audition video to myself. However, just like any bad breakup you either move on or get back together. I won't let you know what happened just yet with this Cupcake Wars relationship but I will share with you the video that was either the beginning or the end of a television journey... Hope you enjoy! Oh, and video is courtesy of the wonderful videographer, Derek Staebell. Cupcakes = Life Heather Cupcakes

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