A birthday trip to Toronto. Where I found Dollop.

June 06, 2013

Last weekend I took a little jaunt to Toronto for a birthday getaway. More accurately, Dan took me. Details. Since Toronto is only 3 hours away and I have to pee every half hour, it’s the perfect short road trip ensuring we don’t spend an entire day in and out of Burger King bathrooms. Dan pulled out all the stops on the hotel selection, knowing of my extreme love for swanky hotels, and booked a room with the largest bathroom in the world (not yet listed in the Guinness Book of World Records). The shower was ensconced in glass with a near waterfall to bathe under! I might be exaggerating slightly, but it was grand. We ate luscious peanut butter ice cream, drank overpriced bottles of wine, and shopped till my sandals made my feet bleed. Well, I shopped—Dan sat in every store chair he could find. Anyways, the real highlight of the trip was when I walked into Indigo Books and decided to search for The Dollop Book of Frosting on their store computers. Well here, watch how it went down. [youtube id='1SdJQZTt7Tk' autoplay='yes' hd='yes'] So. Exciting! And I would be SO excited if you would #FindDollop too! Just search for The Dollop Book of Frosting on the computer of your local library, bookstore, office, Apple store, phone, iPad, airport, Grandma's house, anywhere—take a picture of your finding and tweet/instagram/facebook it to me with the hashtag #FindDollop to get on my Frosting Friends list. We’ll talk more about the Frosting Friends list later. All you need to know now is that my Frosting Friends and I are going to be doing some pretty sweet things together. But first, we need to get to Friday! Friday calls for frosting and all that really means is that I'm going to share a freebie frosting recipe with you! Plan a trip to the grocery store after work tomorrow because this is going to be good. Hip-shaking good. Which is a real kind of good.  

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