Best Amazon Comment I've Ever Read

June 14, 2013

My mom’s boyfriend’s birthday is coming up in just a few weeks (one of the big ones ending in ‘zero’) and since he got me an ‘I’m a Bitch. Just not yours.’ t-shirt and an ‘I <3 Jesus’ car freshener for my birthday, I’ve been looking forward to digging deep to find something special in order to return the love. That’s when I came across The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee At first I thought it was just dweeby enough to be a great gag gift for Joe’s 40th birthday but then I started reading the reviews. Have you seen these reviews? Clearly, this shirt is life changing.
As Brusinger says:  “Girls want to be with me and guys want to be me, all because of the Three Wolves Howling at the Moon Shirt. Should you buy this shirt? Of course you should, unless you're a complete waterhead. It will change your life.”
I don’t know what a waterhead is but a waterhead I am not. And it’s not that I’m trying to lure Joe away from my mom or anything but old age has a tendency to leech confidence and if I can help him retain even a little of his by upping his attractiveness exponentially, I’ll sleep better at night.
Then I get to Cybergoof’s’ review stating “I thought the shirt fit great. Each wolf covered a different belly roll. When I laugh, each wolf laughs with me.
Let me first add a disclaimer here. Joe does not have belly rolls. However, you never know when belly rolls might develop. You just never really know. I would be doing him a major disservice if I didn’t make sure he had wolves to laugh with him through any future acquisition of belly rolls. And I think if howling wolves are covering your belly rolls then the rolls technically just disappear into the night sky—behind the moon somewhere.
Samantha Gray reviews the tee stating, “The vibrations from the wolves' howling really helped my husband's chest cold and congestion.
So in addition to making Joe more attractive to women and men, and masking any future weight gain, I’m also single handedly improving his health by purchasing The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee. Now that’s a gift worth giving.    

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