It's Amazon Review Wednesday!

June 19, 2013

Let me preface this by saying that I was not purposely seeking this product out. It was more like fate. I was initially searching for bar stools. I’ve recently decided that although I’m not buying furniture for my new home maybe some fun bar stools under the kitchen counter would be nice. Bar stools don’t technically count as ‘furniture’ anyways. So I started on Amazon by typing in ‘horse ass stool’. Wouldn’t you love to come over and sit on a stool that made you look like Pegasus from behind? Yeah. I thought so. Unfortunately, my search results came up empty. So then I tried ‘butt stool’ because if we can’t sit in a horse’s ass, maybe we can sit in a giraffe’s ass or a monkey’s ass, or a human ass if we’re not being too picky. Since my mind was focused on bar stools I was unpleasantly surprised when my search results returned the Corn Poop Shaped Hand/Bar Soap. But (I really want to say ‘butt’ but as punny as that would be, it would be grammatically incorrect so I’m not going to) upon closer examination, I was actually rather impressed at the likeness this Corn Poop Shaped Hand/Bar Soap bears to any corn poop I’ve seen. The texture is spot on. I didn’t purchase this, as impressed as I was with it. Although it being a Hand/Bar Soap is a bit confusing. Is it a hand soap or a bar soap? Make up your mind, you ol’ poo. Now let’s move on to the gem this ‘butt stool’ search led me to in the end. I introduce to you the Jumpin’ Banana Doody Head Vecro Cap Poo Flinging Game. That’s a mouthful. This spritely game involves wearing Velcro underpants on your heads and flinging plush crap at each other. Apples to Apples, move over! The Poo Flinging Game is the next big thang. If only I had this game with me when I got into that fight with the Fiat dealer a few months ago. I could’ve been throwing poo at his head while he screamed at me. Opportunity missed. And if you read the rave reviews, people are having a blast with this game! Granted, they’re all six years old but the two guys in the image are at least 28 and the guy on the right has a cute twinkle in his eye. Way to sell this to the ladies, Jumpin’ Banana Company. So there you have it. Another Amazon Review Wednesday in the books! If you purchase either of these products or own a butt stool you’re trying to sell, please comment below.

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