7 Wardrobe Must-Haves For International Travel

July 10, 2013

When my mom asked me several months back if I wanted to go on a Birthday trip to Madrid and Portugal I quickly exclaimed “sure!” without any hesitation. That seemed eons ago. Now that this International vacation is only a few weeks away, the excitement and nerves are finally beginning to build. This is my mom’s first time overseas and my second. My first and only time overseas was for a 12-day Birthright trip to Israel 8 years ago which got cut short after only two days; leaving me with a longer experience in the air than in the actual country. Which is a whole 'nother story for a whole 'nother day. This time overseas, I pledge to remain on the entire 15 day trip. No drunken nights for me. And although I have a visceral fear of flying, I am truly looking forward to exploring the Spanish and Portuguese culture. Beginning with a 3 day stay in Madrid, our group of 12 will then continue on to a luxury river cruise on the Douro River Valley, ending our extravanga with a 2 day stay in Lisbon. It sounds like a dream. Seriously. Um Mom, how can I thank you?! I know, I’ll buy you a hat. Speaking of hats, dressing right is one of my biggest concerns (aside from fretting over our 'flying human missiles' aka ‘airplanes’ taking off and landing SAFELY) and that’s why I’ve put together a list of my Top 7 International Travel Wardrobe Essentials. Top 7 International Travel Wardrobe Essentials
  1. Ladies, if you’re going on a lot of walking tours, you’ll want a comfortable sweat-wicking bra to keep the gals from overheating. This Colosseum Women's Sweet Pocket Bra Topshirred bust bra from Colosseum comes in two super cute colors. Even cooler, it has a pocket in the front to hide your money stash! Keep the bills close to the bust. Always.
  2. In the case of a windy day, Women's Emma Chiffon Floral Scarf works wonders for the hair. It’s easier to carry than a hat and it doubles as a shawl or blanket in case of nighttime chill
  3. A flared cotton tank dress is the perfect style to take you from Cobblestone Street to tapas bar in an instant. I can totally see myself chilling on a veranda sipping wine and speaking Spanish in this Jessica Simpson Women's Lace Fit And Flare Dress.
  4. It might seem easier to find a man to carry you everywhere than it is to find cute and comfortable walking shoes. Luckily, the super comfy Clarks brand has finally started making some really cute shoes in recent years. These Clarks Women's Latin Circle Thong Sandal come in three colors and will last for years.
  5. If you’re not going to wear your hidden pocket bra, you’ll need a secret stash money belt since pick pockets are so common overseas. This Braza Secret Stash Lace Bra Travel Pocket Pouch - Beige is small and secure if you’re only planning on carrying some cash and credit cards.
  6. Late nights and bright sun call for BIG sunglasses. This DG26 Style 2 DG Eyewear Designer Vintage Oversized Women's Sunglasses pair is super cheap so you won't care when you lose them. And we both know you'll lose them.
  7. My iPad will be going everywhere with me since I'm not bringing my laptop. It's the only way I'll be able to keep in touch with YOU and how I'll continue writing. That's why I was super psyched to find this Michael Kors Neoprene iPad E/W Crossbody (Lime). It'll safely hold my iPad and iPhone leaving my hands free to shop and eat! And I'll be shopping and eating A LOT.
And there you have it! I have a few weeks to go still though so please let me know what I've missed. What are your traveling essentials and where are you traveling to this summer?

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