My Favorite Frosting Memory

August 06, 2013

It was a cold Sunday in December, I was about 8 years old, and Hanukkah was just around the corner. Tired of the oversized blue and white sugar cookies my mom purchased every year from the local bakery, I convinced my mom that we could make our own hanukkah cookies that year. How hard could cookie making be? So after picking up some cheap plastic menorah and Star of David shaped cookie cutters from our local token Jewish store (which no longer exists), we got to creating the tradition of baking rock hard deformed Pillsbury sugar cookies to serve our family at Hanukkah dinner. This also marked the beginning of the family tradition called "pretend to eat Heather's burnt unfrosted cookies". And that's the story of this baker being born! (Kidding. I didn't bake again until I turned 24.) But this is the story of my fist attempt at making frosting from scratch. Let's just say that I wasn't a natural. In addition to burning rolls of cookie dough, countless batches of blue gue were dumped down the drain that year. No matter how hard my mom and I tried we just couldn't seem to produce a blue icing that wasn't lumpy, too sweet, too runny, or too thick. It was a travesty. And the cookies were served unfrosted. Can you imagine? If you struggle with frosting making believe me, I empathize. But although my mom and I couldn't perfect our frosting back then, and I've since created many new frosting memories, that moment of frosting failure in the kitchen with my mom when I was 8 years old will forever remain my favorite frosting memory. What's your favorite frosting memory?

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