We Rearranged The Barnes & Noble Cookbook Display! Day 4

October 07, 2013

Day #4 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project Today. Was. Fun! I met my good friend Jason, owner of the fabulous restaurant Edibles, at Barnes & Noble for coffee this morning. The hours flew while we caught up and brainstormed. Since Jason wanted to buy a copy of The Dollop Book of Frosting to send to his parents in Australia, we went upstairs to the cookbook section before we left. I didn’t really expect my book to be on the big wall of famous cookbooks but I was admittedly a bit disappointed when I saw that it was not. I mean, this is my hometown! I always dreamt of reaching the top of that escalator, gazing straight ahead, and seeing my book proudly on display on that big wall. Instead it was on the bottom shelf in an aisle, tucked in with the rest of the baking books. Filed alphabetically, I presume. 15 copies of it. After asking a passing woman to take our picture, Jason and I headed down to the cashier to check out. “I’d like to purchase this ahmaaaaazing book!” Jason said to the lady behind the counter. She looks at the book and then looks at me and asks, “Is this your book?” Sheepishly, I nod my head. She goes on to tell us that she’s been selling a lot of copies and that we should go ask for the manager to talk about a book signing and to ask to have the books moved to the big wall. The manager, Matt wound up being the nicest guy and insisted on taking us upstairs and moving The Dollop Book of Frosting to the big wall immediately. Which was so exciting! And now there it sits! Right near Curtis Stone, Nigella, Lawson, and Michelle Obama! Matt said that we should also discuss a book signing in November or December. And that the book has been selling really really well. Another step closer to the dream. While hanging with Jason and talking about life we also happened to come up with the most brilliant reality show concept. I’m serious, you guys. This idea is golden. It involves a lot of things falling into place and a lot of people jumping on board though so the reality of me pulling it off is really very slight. BUT if I can get some yes’s in the coming days to some big things, I know just the producers I can pitch it to. Think good thoughts.

Question: Would you come to a book signing at Barnes & Noble? What did you do today to get closer to that goal? Give me the specifics!

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