10 Reasons Why You Should Attend My First Book Signing

November 06, 2013

Day #34 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project This Saturday is my first book signing. Saying I’m nervous would be a bit of an understatement. Have you ever envisioned yourself writing a book and then doing a book signing? I have. I had. For years. It was a just a pipe dream. Or so I thought. In the event that you’re not planning on attending my first book signing this Saturday at Wegmans Penfield from 11am-1pm, I’ve put together 10 rousing reasons for you to change your tune and come.

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend My First Book Signing

  1. It’s at a grocery store. I can almost guarantee that you need to pick up some eggs or beer or at least a few rolls of toilet paper. Might as well come out to Penfield and say hi to me while you’re grabbing the essentials.
  2. Cookbooks make excellent holiday gifts. I bet you could knock all the teenage girls and baking moms off your holiday shopping list in one fell swoop by attending my book signing. I’ll even personally address each and every one.
  3. It’s at a grocery store. Buying a cookbook at a grocery store? I mean come on, how much more convenient can it get? Flip to page 36 and just start shopping—grocery list is already in hand.

  4. Signed cookbooks make excellent holiday gifts. Have you ever received a signed cookbook? I have not. But I would be really impressed if I did. I’ll even sign it in any way you wish. From, “Dear Katie, Uncle Charlie is the best uncle in the world” to “Will you marry me”, your signing wish is my command.
  5. It’s at a grocery store—that’s next to a discount liquor store. This reason speaks for itself.
  6. Signed cookbooks packaged with frosting-making supplies in gift baskets make extraordinary holiday gifts AND It’s at a grocery store. Buy a book, have me sign it, and then march down to aisle 9A or 4B or whichever it is and purchase your giftee a whisk, mixing bowl, and spatula and you’ve got yourself the makings of the perfect holiday gift! Need some gift-wrap? I believe you can find that in aisle 3A.
  7. It’s at a grocery store. Not just any grocery store. The mecca of grocery stores. If you arrive at 11am you have a lovely coffee bar for a morning joe. Can’t make it till noon or 1pm? Well luckily for you, a massive lunch buffet is just steps away.
  8. It’s at a grocery store in Penfield. Have you been to Penfield? No? Well, you’re really missing out. Once you’re done visiting me and doing your grocery shopping you can head over to Target, hit up Yotini for a snack, and then make your way over to Eastview mall (which isn’t in Penfield but it’s close enough).
  9. I will be there! Bring the kiddos. I’ll aim to inspire them to pursue their dreams.
  10. Book signings are cool. Seriously. If you tell your friends that you’re heading to a book signing they’ll automatically envy your hipness. Don’t believe me? Try it.
And if all of those reasons aren’t enough—I encourage you to attend because I really want to meet YOU. Will you be there? Wegmans-Penfield location Saturday, November 9th 11am-1pm. Stop by ANY Wegmans service desk this week to pick up your free ticket!  

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