How To Gift Frosting

November 18, 2013

Days #43-46 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project Upon waking this morning my first few thoughts were filled with anticipation mixed with dread. If I said this didn’t happen often, I’d be lying. Such is the life of an entrepreneur, they say. But today had an almost monumental feeling to it. Kinda like that other shoe… well, like it was about to discover gravity. I realize I shouldn’t be starting today’s post in this manner for today is Day #1 of my Holiday Blog Tour and you may be a new reader. And if you are new, WELCOME! I hope you stick around. There’s a lot of sweet here but there’s also a lot of real. Let me catch you up. Forty-six days ago I started The 90-Day Do Something Big project. Don’t bother googling it because I made it up. The goal—Make something BIG happen in the manner of your dreams by the end of 2013 (which happened to be 90 days from the day I decided to start the project). And now, if you can believe it or not, we only have 44 days remaining till the end of the year. FORTY-FOUR DAYS! Sound. The. Alarm. I’m actually a little closer to my dreams than when I started the project 46 days ago. I mean, I’m in this weeks’ issue of People magazine! Yeah. That’s crazy. I also have the amazing Stef of Cupcake Project kicking off my Holiday Blog Tour! Which is pretty freakin’ crazy too. I’ve been ogling Cupcake Project for an awful long time. An awful long time. About this Holiday Blog Tour—Let me tell you why you’ll want to follow along. For one, Cupcake Project is kicking it off (as I’ve already mentioned). Stef has had her blog featured on the Today Show, The Chew, Food Network, Huffington Post, in Parade magazine and in Better Homes and Gardens. Suffice to say, she’s pretty darn accomplished. Secondly, on each blog stop the blog host or I will be sharing with you a unique frosting gift idea based on The Dollop Book of Frosting, recipe included! Gifting frosting? Yup. And it’s going. To. Be. Awesome. Every Monday & Tuesday (with one Wednesday thrown in) I’ll remind you to hit up Heather’s Holiday Blog Tour page for the tour stop and frosting gift idea of the day! Eleven days. Eleven frosting gift ideas. Stay tuned. Tomorrow we’re heading to the ridiculously adorable and soon-to-be-published-author, Hayley’s blog The Domestic Goddess!

Now click here to visit Cupcake Project's CRAZY creative idea of how to gift frosting!

*Heather’s Holiday Blog Tour is sponsored in part by J.R. Watkins. When it comes to choosing a spice or an extract, I only use J.R. Watkins brand.    

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