The Best New Holiday Pie RECIPE

November 25, 2013

Day #53 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project If you've been following my Holiday Blog Tour raise your hand! Ha. I can't see you. But I'm envisioning millions of hands raised at this very moment. Today is Day #3 of myHoliday Blog Tour. If you've missed days one and two, you can catch up here. And if you don't want to miss any more, (and you don't!) you can subscribe to email notifications here! What's so great about this tour? Well the bloggers that are involved are awesome for one, and for two, I'm giving you a recipe at every tour stop! Recipes are gifts that keep on giving. And giving. And giving. And you get the idea. Today's blog tour stop is on Bakeaholic Mama. Carrie and I became twitter friends awhile ago and after following her hectic baking life, I knew I wanted her to be a part of my blog tour. Carrie has over 100,000 facebook fans. Seriously. This lady is legit. And on this tour stop Carrie wanted to choose a recipe from The Dollop Book of Frosting to make herself! I was pretty thrilled to find out that she picked one of my favorite recipes and loved it just as much I as do. She even mentioned how it makes the perfect Thanksgiving Pie. Because you really do need a new holiday pie this year. But I'll let her sell you on it. Go on, take a look! What else... Donald got a new toy this weekend. His birthday is coming up too. I wasn't sure what day to pick for his birthday but the last time I took him to the vet it seems they picked a date for me--December 25th. Which is Christmas. Which is fine I guess, being that I'm Jewish. And since I'm Jewish, Donald is Jewish because the religion gets passed through the mother. Besides, we don't know where his father is. Saturday I had my second book signing. It was fun! Kinda. Actually, I'm really uncomfortable sitting there waiting for people to come buy my book. Embarrassed even. I feel like I'm on display, which is weird. But then people start to show up and I loosen up a little. It was really great meeting some people whose faces I've seen on my Facebook fan page. Thank you all for coming! I really deeply appreciate it. The rest of the weekend was a bit ho hum. I decided to let my brain chill. Which somehow led to me getting wrapped up in an entire season of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding on Netflix. I think my brain actually fried rather than chilled. This coming weekend is going to be really busy though so that'll make up for the brain-frying session of yore. That's all I got for now. So go make some pie!

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