Orange Cardamom Icing & Cookies Recipe Review

December 18, 2013

Happy Wednesday! Only one week left till Christmas but only two days left in my Holiday Blog Tour! It's been a blast working with all these bloggers and bakers! If you missed any of the tour stops you can find them all here Today's tour stop is over on The Spiffy Cookie blog! You may remember Erin from a few months back when she participated in my first blog tour. Well today she's back to review and share my recipe for Orange Cardamom Icing and Cut-Out cookies from The Dollop Book of Frosting. And I'm even more excited to have her on this blog tour because as it so happens, Erin is coming to Rochester in a few days! After all the tweeting, emailing, and blogging over the past few months I'm beyond psyched to finally meet her and hang out with her in person. I'm thinking we should bake something together... what do you think? *Need more frosting gift ideas? Follow the tour and check out my Gift Guide For Frosting Lovers!” Did you miss my frosting demos on Hallmark’s Better Show last week? How dare you! (kidding! kinda.) To see how to make Cookie Dough Frosting with Rebecca Budig and JD Roberto click here! And to see how to make Gingersnap Stout Frosting Pie click here

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