How Entrepreneurs Succeed - It's in the Learning

August 23, 2016

How Entrepreneurs Succeed - It's in the Learning

Hello friends!

 It’s Back-to-School time! While this time of year may make you think about classrooms and such it makes me think about one of my favorite passions - the entrepreneurial spirit!

I started my first business when I was 25 years old with little more knowledge than a business 101 course. Truthfully, I had no idea what I was doing! But, through researching, learning, and exploring, I began to find my way. I built a successful bakery, won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, created a delicious line of natural Dollop frosting, had a cookbook published, and got a deal on Shark Tank. I got all of that without a business degree. That's my story. But I want you to write your own story; because no one can write it the way you can.

Speaking of writing, one of Dollop Gourmet’s missions is to encourage and support others’ entrepreneurial dreams. It is an honor to introduce you to a hard working, driven young woman - Jenna of LZPENCILS!

Meet Jenna | LZPENCILS


Hi Dollop friends, I am a writer and the owner of LZPENCILS, an online boutique that specializes in pencils inscribed with cheeky sayings. I’m equally fascinated by what I say with a pencil and what I say on a pencil. My pencil fans include pro and amateur writers alike.

My mission at LZPENCILS is not only to make fun writing instruments, but also to donate pencils to at-risk youth.

Join my growing pencil posse at: instagram.com/LZPENCILS and shop online at etsy.com/shop/LZPENCILS

It takes passion, perseverance, dedication, and drive to make all your dreams possible.

Whether you’re in school, sending your kids to school or haven’t stepped foot in a school in ten years, when you have passions and dreams, the schooling never really ends. 


Back-to-School Promo!

Dollop Gourmet is proud to support entrepreneurs like Jenna who make back-to-school supplies extra fun and who give back to those in need.

LZPENCILS giveaway

As part of our back-to-school promotion, Dollop Gourmet is sending out a custom pencil from LZPENCILS with every Dollop Gourmet order now through August 30th.

Shop Now and support LZPENCILS in their mission to donate to at-risk youth.



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