Humbled that Heather's Pitch on Shark Tank Ranks Top 7!

September 22, 2016

Humbled that Heather's Pitch on Shark Tank Ranks Top 7!

Do you know those rare times when an ordinary day gets infinitely better? It's stunning how a day can turn around in an instant.

Yesterday was an ordinary day until Ky Trang Ho of Forbes wrote an article...

The 7 Best Shark Tank Pitches Of Season 7, According To The Sharks

A normal Wednesday turned into a pleasant and humbling reminder that no situation is too difficult to turn around.

Heather Saffer, founder of Dollop Gourmet, was named one of the Top 7 Best pitches on Shark Tank Season 7!

Like yesterday, Heather's story of triumph, in spite of a rocky past, reminds others to keep going. Push through. Do not be constrained by what others say you cannot do. You can achieve all that you desire of you are willing!

Heather is a living example of this. Dollop Gourmet is a result of hard work, commitment and a dream that could not be quenched.

If you are curious how Heather got on Shark Tank, read this.

Dollop Gourmet spreads are truly a gift from Heather to you. It's not just frosting. It's a reminder that you are unique, incredible and full of potential. Enjoy your life and fill it with hope for what you can be.

Thanks for being Dollop and Heather's friend throughout this ride! It has been a real pleasure and this is just the beginning.

We love this excerpt from the article:

When it comes to anything in life, facts tell and stories sell, ” said Leonard Kim of Influence Tree. “What makes Saffer’s story so powerful is that she shared her weakest moments in her journey.”

Tell us, friends: What did you think of Heather's story on Shark Tank? 

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