Enter my brain… it’s filled with frosting.

November 23, 2011

Let’s see, where do we begin? This blogging world is a new foray for me and totally outside my comfort zone. I’m used to keeping my true thoughts and ponderings to myself where frankly, they really belong. My goal of starting this blog is two-fold: For one, it’s a challenge for me to write as unfiltered as possible without offending any of you out there in the virtual world. Although, this is your fair warning… I probably will offend you at some point. It’s also an enormous challenge for me to organize my thoughts. My brain has some strange mechanisms that swing my thoughts up and down, left and right, diagonally and just all over the place. “Scattered” is a commonplace term people use to describe me when I talk, let alone write. If I lose you at any point just yell at me. I promise I won’t cry… in public. Secondly, I thought if I don't entertain you with my ramblings you’ll at least find the life of a young, single business owner rather interesting. Additionally, if I can help any fellow or aspiring entrepreneurs out there feel not as alone as I typically feel then maybe that’ll mean I actually have a place in the outside world! (I’ll try not to overwhelm you too much with the self-deprecating humor but heh, I log in at the top of the humble spectrum). Anyhow, I invite you onto this wild ride of mine. It’s sometimes dull as it consists of a lot of work but it’s a roller coaster inside my brain. Buckle up people because you might want to jump off if you don’t...

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