Thanksgiving: All I've Got Are My Cupcakes

November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Cupcakes!Here goes day two of getting to know you! (It rhymes but the reverse is actually true, you're getting to know me here #justsayin.) So let's skip over some of the fundamentals of Heather Cupcakes for now and talk about Thanksgiving both in the cupcake world and in MY world. The cupcakery owner in me LOVES Thanksgiving! The fun fall flavors like pumpkin, maple and sweet potato are so beyond scrump that I can't stop eating them. Must. Stop. Eating. Profits. Also, the orders flying in are great for growing the business and well... it kinda makes me feel good too :) Like maybe I'm doing something slightly right after all! I enjoy when you guys enjoy my cupcakes and especially when you appreciate the quality, creativity and care that goes into them. It makes me feel cheesy saying that and this is going to make me feel even cheesier when I say that what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving is YOU. My amazing customers I've gotten to know over the past couple years. I love my regulars and newbies too and I wish you'd all come visit me EVERY single day! Ha! Wishful thinking! Ok enough with the blechy, sappy sweetness even though it's the total truth. Ok, now onto why I as Heather Cupcakes have a strong distaste for Thanksgiving. As strong a distaste as filling a cupcake with motor oil, in fact. The Thanksgiving equation is the 3 “f's”. 'Thanksgiving = family + fun + food. We could add a 4th one in here but I'll let you imagine the vulgarity. Now, food I LOVE but not when I'm stuffing my face trying to enjoy it and stuck sitting and listening to everyone complain about how they should be on a diet and shouldn't be eating so much and blah blah blah. Please people, if you're going to eat a lot just accept that you're enjoying the good food! No one wants to hear your inner guilt and lack of body confidence in general let alone around a dining table. Secondly, the family and friends part. I love my family (they might be reading this) however, we're so different. Not that they're different but that I'm different FROM them. We just don't exactly understand each other nor do we share similar lifestyles. No one in my family is involved in business, as much as I wish that they were. Also, I completely lack a brain filter which makes being around family and making friends somewhat of a challenge at times. I say what's on my mind, all the time. Thoughts enter my brain and come spewing out my mouth faster than I can comprehend them sometimes. Many “oh shit” thoughts ensue after that... The irony of some of this and something that hopefully you'll come to learn about me as time goes on (as this is only your second day burdened by my crazy brain) is that I'm super outgoing and very much a people-person. I thrive on talking to people, getting to know people, meeting people and hearing about their lives and inner-most thoughts. Hence, why I went after a psychology degree in college. This is also what continues to spur my cupcake business model of customer interaction, discussion and fun! So at the end of the day I'm an extroverted introverted loner. Think about that one over your mashed potato and turkey cupcakes ;) Cupcakes = Life Heather Cupcakes

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