Truth Unleashed Of The Cupcake Dreamery

December 21, 2011

Story time! I'm about to regale you of the tale of The Cupcake Dreamery. We're going back in time now, to the beginning of this whole cupcake life I've created for myself. Some people have been privy to the rise and fall of The Cupcake Dreamery but for most I've kept the story under lock and key and vaguely mentioned a “re-branding” as the reason for the name change to Dollop. As frightening as it is to unleash the truth to the public, I think it's about time. I entered the cupcake biz innocently enough out of a passion for all things frosting. I really just have a sugar addiction that I decided to build a life around. When I couldn't find a decent cupcake in town and I was growing bored with my life, I decided to head to YouTube and start teaching myself how to bake. Thousands of cupcakes and many months later I felt I had perfected my recipes and it was time to begin my grand voyage into the business world. My leap was justified by my lifelong dreams of owning a business, being the employee I would never hire and finally finding something that I was actually good at. I really had nothing to lose and decided it was time to throw caution to the wind and jump on the cupcake train! The Cupcake Dreamery came to fruition due to my own personal savings and hard work. Since I didn't exactly have a background in business, nor did any of my family members; it was pertinent for me to conduct as much research as possible and navigate the system on my own. From finding kitchens to rent, to purchasing equipment, to filing my DBA, having a logo designed, website built, marketing materials printed, and so on and so on; the road was a long and stressful, yet rewarding one to becoming a legit business. Considering that in just a couple months I was profitable, had local news coverage, many amazing returning customers and not an ounce of debt I would suffice to say I was doing pretty well and ready to take my cupcakes to the next level. Enter the magnificent pathological liar, Bob Wong (names have been changed to protect the guilty, since the guilty deserves protection, apparently). Bob Wong was a well-connected Pittsford man whom I brought on as a General Manager to help grow my business. He was basically the local overweight Asian version of Leonardo DiCaprio's character (Frank Abagnale, Jr.) in Catch Me If You Can. This guy knew how to swindle and he knew how to swindle well. To any of you thinking that what happened was due to me being a young, naïve girl I will slap you silly and then I will run down a list of high-powered experienced businessmen and businesswomen who also got rooked by this sleazebag. To make a long story short, and to protect you from all the nasty details, I'll sum this up as best I can. Bob Wong cleaned me out. From stealing my checks and forging my signature, to pocketing cash, to paying for his daughter's day care and car repairs to bouncing checks; he totally effed up my business. When the shit hit the inevitable fan, my world and life came crashing down. My entire life and everything I had invested in it for the past few years was ripped out of my hands in a moment's time. Can you imagine? I know I couldn't have imagined it, even my darkest nightmares. Saga to be continued... You do need a lunch break, after all. Go eat your sandwich & cupcake and we'll return for Part II. And you're back! Read Part II here. Cupcakes = Life Heather Cupcakes

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