I Made It! Thank *You* For Your Support

February 13, 2012

It’s been crazy, it really has. Since I announced that I’m competing on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars this Sunday, my life has blown up. This whole experience has felt so surreal that it’s hard to even describe it. I’m definitely feeling the love and support from everyone’s texts, IMs, tweets, emails and so on and I truly deeply thank you for that. If you know me you know how insanely up and down I am even within a matter of minutes. Currently, it’s your support that’s forcing me to reach for the top after hitting the bottom when the waves of stress from running my short-staffed business overwhelm me. I’m a terrible liar, which means I’m also a terrible secret keeper. This has by far been the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep but when a binding contract looms over you, you’ll learn to zip the lip and put the key near your hip. Let me just say that this entire experience of being on a national television show has most certainly been a dream come true. I don’t want this blog entry to be too trite (blech, triteness) but there’s really not much more I can say right now. Basically, I’m thanking you for being prepared to watch the show on Sunday at 8pm and for supporting me through these insane times. We’ll talk soon! Gah! I’m finally on Cupcake Wars!! Cupcakes = Love Heather Cupcakes

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