Boring Yet Heartfelt 'Thanks'.

February 27, 2012

Where do I even begin? This past week has been such an insane whirlwind that I’m not sure I can even give it justice with words. I’ll attempt to do my best though. First off, I really need to thank everyone who has supported me this week. I hope you all realize how much I appreciate you helping in the shop, listening to me as I fall apart from exhaustion, and prodding me forward when I’m overwhelmed with disbelief that people would wait 45 minutes in line for my cupcakes. You. Are. Amazing. Thank you. Now, for everyone else out there who has contacted me via email, text, facebook, twitter, phone calls, fax, smoke signals… thank you! Your sentiments and excitement for my success are well received and deeply appreciated! I’ve flourished from working in the fishbowl of Dollop this week as the line for cupcakes wraps around the building. This entire experience has been surreal and I hope everyone knows that I’m deeply humbled by it all. This might not be my most exciting blog entry but I really had to get all that ‘thanks’ out! Whew! Next blog entry I promise I’ll share a bit more of the ‘behind the scenes’ of the craziness that’s going on in my life because it certainly is intense. Also, I hope to be able to share some of ‘what’s next’ soon because if you know me at all you’ll know that there’s always something “big” in the works ;-). Cupcakes = Life Heather Cupcakes P.S. I won Cupcake Wars! Gah! :-D

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