Oooh. Shiny things!

June 12, 2013

You know what’s stressful? My brain. My brain severely stresses me out sometimes. It’s as though my brain and I are siblings and we just can’t get along. My brain sees shiny things and gets distracted while I try to keep us on task. My brain wants to start fun new projects while I try to finish the ones already in progress. My brain wants to tinker with exciting ideas all night long while I try to make sure we get at least a couple hours of sleep. Some people might call this a lack of focus. Psychologists might call this a split personality disorder. I call this a ‘drive to do big’. So next time you feel like you have too many logs on the fire, or pots on the stove, or fighting siblings in your head—just remember that you’re ‘driving to do big’. And it’s when we ‘drive to do big’ that we get to change the world.

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