Walk Like A Man

June 13, 2013

Single men. You may be wondering why and whining about still being single. Well, it’s your lucky day because I’m here to inform you as to why you’re still sleeping alone. It’s. Your. Walk. Something so natural and ingrained in you might be the one thing turning the ladies off. When we see you walk like anything other than a confident, card-carrying member of the male species, we cringe. And make faces. And tell everyone we know that you’re perfect with the exception of your weird walk and that’s why we just can’t date you. If you're walking like you're holding packages, like your butt cheeks are actually glued together, on your tippy-toes (oh dear god), if you can hear your feet a shufflin, you are doing it wrong.  I'm sorry.  You just are. These walks are not attractive. They’re not sexy. They don’t make us want to tear your clothes off. And dare I say it—they’re just not manly. So if you’re single, I’d suggest you dissect your walk. Right now. It may be all that’s holding you back from that life of loving bliss that you’ve been so actively seeking. See. This guy is not getting laid.   [youtube id='urKYdfhdyJI' autoplay='no' hd='yes']      

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