What You Need To Do With Your Goat. Yes, YOU Have a Goat.

June 27, 2013

The fabled story is this. In the 1700’s goats were placed in the stables of racehorses to calm their skittishness before a big race. If a competitor wanted a specific horse to race poorly, he would attempt to sneak in and steal the calming goat from the horse’s stable. Hence, he would “get his goat” to make the horse and the horse’s owner angry. Now, when someone says, “that really gets my goat” he literally means, “That really irritates me and makes me angry”. In the CrossFit world, the goat symbolizes an athlete’s weakness; the movements or exercises that we individually despise. It’s tempting to skip a workout that’s crammed with your goats just because you know you’re going to suck and struggle. Some athletes even practice ‘cherry picking’ to avoid these goat-filled instances. The problem is—by avoiding your goat; you’re avoiding the better version of you that exists in the future. Part of the purpose of life is to enjoy ourselves, connect with others, and experience pleasure. But the other purpose of life is to grow, improve, and better us. The only way to grow is to face failure. And the only way to face failure is to tackle your goats. Heads up, horns forward, fire in the eyes, and charge. It will hurt, it will suck, it will be irritating and angering, but in the end, it will make you better. Go get that goat today.

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