Why My Dining Room Is Still Empty Two Months Later.

July 02, 2013

It’s been two months now since I moved from a studio apartment into this cape cod and ashamedly, I still don’t have furniture. Not that this is a huge issue since I don’t have dinner parties, picnics, or family gatherings, but there’s something about the emptiness of the dining room that is a bit sad. Adults eat dinner at kitchen tables, not coffee tables, right? I actually have a kitchen table. It’s in my dad’s basement. He reminds me about it all the time.
“You know you have that kitchen table in my basement, if you want to take it just let me know and I’ll bring it over to you.”
I always say, “ok, I’ll let you know” but I never want the table. It’s a perfectly good Target table from the kitchen of one of my old apartments. With a light colored wooden top, white metal legs, and four matching chairs, it would suit this house just fine. But I still don’t want that table. The last time I ate at that kitchen table, I was dating this guy Jess and I was living alone in Webster. Jess was from Atlanta and had talked me into moving out of my one bedroom apartment and renting a house so that we’d have more room when he came to visit. Wanting to please him, I agreed with the plan and started boxing up all my possessions. There was a week delay between the time that I needed to be out of my apartment and the time that the house would be ready, so we put all of my belongings into a storage facility for the week. Jess went on a business trip to California that week and mid-week called me saying he had changed his mind. About everything. So from that point on, the kitchen table moved from one storage facility to another, eventually winding up in my dad’s basement. It’s strange how things like kitchen tables and couches, even vases and lamps, can have all of these emotions and memories tied up in them. I would probably own more possessions today if they didn’t. But back to the problem at hand—my empty dining room. I need some suggestions as to how to fill this space because I’m tired of hitting my head on the hanging lamp and as we’ve established, I don’t really want the old but good as new Jess-era kitchen table. What do you think—should I go with something different like this table or something a bit more smaller like this? Or should I just say screw it and put down a Twister mat? And if you have any need for a light wooden topped kitchen table with white metal legs and four matching chairs, my dad would love to get that thing out of his basement.

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