Happy 4th! Not.

July 03, 2013

Tomorrow is a Holiday as of course you know and I’ve been trying to write something to express how excited I am for all of the picnics, friends, and fun! Except I’m not. I’m not excited at all. I’m excited for your fun and if you’re making the Blueberry Pancake & Maple Bacon Flag Cake then I’m even more excited for you because I just know you’re going to love it. But I’m sick. Stuck on the couch, trying to mosey up some energy but falling asleep sick. It’s not strep, not the flu, not a cold, not allergies, and not bronchitis. They think it might be mono. Do you even know how much this sucks? Remember when you were a child and all of the neighborhood kids were outside playing Four Square and running through sprinklers? And you were inside on the couch eating Saltines and sucking down ginger ale that made your throat burn. Well, I’ve come to find that Facebook and Twitter are much like the neighborhood street. Except instead of just being taunted by the neighborhoods' fun, I’m taunted by the worlds' fun. I see your fire pits and s’mores, your table spreads of red, white, & blue, and your 6-second Vine clips of the fireworks that I can hear. From my couch. I like to think that everything happens for a reason, including getting sick. Like getting sick is the universe’s way of telling you to slow down or that you need a break. But in this case I think the universe is just being a dick. Honestly, I wasn't ready to slow down. I feel like I was just getting started. But we can't make what is be what it's not and for now what I am is sick. And as happy as I am for you, I also know the envy that comes with watching the neighborhood kids out the window giggling in the street. So if you don't see me around here for the next few days just know... That you're welcome to bring me some patriotic jello.

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