Top 10 Best Of The Webs Friday!

July 12, 2013

Since the week is wrapping up, it's time to reflect on the highlights. What were the highlights of your week? Here's some of mine: A long awaited dinner with the infamous Eric Miltsch, texting with Cass most nights till bedtime, starting and sticking to the 14-Day Core Challenge, delving into Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt, maxing out my front squat and flipping tires, emailing my agent about my next big idea, reading your comments and emails, cooking gobs of meat. And now for the highlights I found all around the Interwebs! 1. Do you ever look at your friends, or colleagues, or role models and feel this deep sense of jealousy at the ridiculous sums of money you believe them to have? Well, reality check. Perception is not always reality and our assumptions about money are not always true so cut yourself some slack. 2. Upon returning from my hike in Ithaca, I was greeted by a bit of nature in the form of an ant infestation ALL OVER my ingredient rack. Welcome home! So after tossing out several hundred dollars worth of food, I composed myself and checked out some natural ant control remedies. The vinegar and these Raid ant baits seemed to be the winning ant-killing combination. 3. Can exes remain friends? It's an age-old question. I think they can. But if you remain closely connected to your ex is it at the expense of entering a new relationship? This article has some interesting thoughts from a guy's perspective. 4. When I see photos of friends and strangers online, everyday, I try to remind myself that they probably snapped 5-10 photos before choosing the best one to post. I know I do. Either that or everyone in the world but me is insanely photogenic. Sometimes it takes me a good 10 minutes to get a decent enough photo to share with the world. And now my secret is out. After reading these tips to dressing and looking like the best version of you maybe I'll be able to cut down on some of that photo filtering time. 5. This week I've started doing this when I can't fall asleep instead of fretting over every unresolved moment of my life like I usually do. It's worked and I've felt better about myself and my life in general when I wake up. 6. This week I became a woman. How? I BOUGHT A GRILL. Can you sense the excitement? I've been buying massive amounts of meat and learning that you must turn the nozzle on the gas tank in order for the burners to ignite. Last night's meat purchase involved bacon which means that tonight's dinner will involve this bacon on the grill recipe. Who's coming to dinner? 7. I feel like this article about waiting productively was written for me although I know it wasn't. Waiting truly is the hardest part sometimes, especially when you generally have a tendency to lack patience. I finished writing The Dollop Book of Frosting a month ago and all this time I've been trying to prepare for its release in September. However, waiting and preparing for a new experience like the release of your first book is extremely overwhelming and even paralyzing at times. I need to unparalyze. 8. So the other day I was having a breakdown moment and I asked the universe for a sign that I was on the right path. Do you believe in signs,  synchronicity, and serendipity? 9. I have a really really really hard time asking for things because like Amanda Palmer says, "asking makes you vulnerable". It feels so beyond frightening to ask you to follow me on twitter, share my posts, or even buy my book, that most of the time I just don't ask. Watching Amanda Palmer's TED talk about the art of asking, reinforces that if we want to connect and see each other, then we need to ask for what we want. 10. Taking a lesson from #9 above, my last 'best of the week' is going to be my own post from Monday. If you haven't read it, I'm going to ask you to read it now. :) What were the highlights of your week?

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