My New Dog's Favorite Things

September 05, 2013

Can you believe that it's already been one full week since Donald came home? He's been acclimating wonderfully and he truly is the coolest, sweetest dog I could have ever hoped for. I'm the luckiest. While he's back at the shelter right now getting his balls clipped (poor guy) I figured it would be the perfect time to fill you in on some of his favorite things! Outerwear  This Lupine  Step In Dog Harness is awesome because it's guaranteed for life. However, I have to fight Donald to get it on him because he'd rather chew it than wear it. So I got him this Planet Petco Argyle Eco Dog Collar for quickness in getting him outside. He can't wear the collar on long walks because it doesn't support his pulling like the harness does. My solution is to alternate, depending on what we're doing. Long walk? Harness. Quick jut outside? Collar. I thought  about only using the harness but he just looks so dapper in argyle that I couldn't resist this collar. Toys Picking out Donald's first toy was a difficult decision. Plush? Chew toy? Puzzle? Bone? So far I've learned that he's way too much of a chewer for plush toys. No more squirrels for him. This KONG Traxx Tire is his favorite toy by far. The rubber is tough enough for him to enjoy chewing and you can fit treats inside it. Besides, it's super cute to watch him chew a tire. I also bought him this Dogit Mind Games 3-in-1 Interactive Smart Toy for Dogs to test his doggy intelligence. I was convinced he was the smartest dog ever but I wanted to know for sure. Suffice to say, Donald did great! (Ignore all the Amazon reviews about this puzzle being easy for dogs. Donald is SMART. Dammit.) donald puzzle video Bed I wasn't sure if he would like the bed (that took me an hour to pick out) at first because he wouldn't get in it. The next day though I caught him wandering in on his on fruition and now he sleeps in it off and on throughout the day. I can't seem to find it on Amazon so I can't link you to it (sorry) but I got it at Marshall's. photo (30) Food They had him eating Science Diet at the shelter but I've slowly transitioned him over to this Earthborn Holistic, Puppy Vantage, 28# and he scarfs it so fast I'm shocked he doesn't get indigestion. Although he's not really a puppy so I'm going to switch him over to the adult formula next time. For treats, Donald loves, and I mean LOVES these Zuke's Mini Naturals Dog Treats  in peanut butter flavor. They're the perfect size for training and they're PEANUT BUTTER. I mean, how could he not? I should be getting a call in the next few hours letting me know how Donald's surgery went and when I can pick him up. He really has been such a dream. In one week he's learned his name, "no", "sit", and sometimes "come". He plays well with most dogs (although he really wants to play with all so walking is tough) and he is super friendly with all people. I'm not sure yet if he's house trained but (knock on wood) he hasn't yet had an accident in the house. And the best part? I miss him when I'm gone. What toys should I add to Donald's toy box?

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