There Are Some BIG Things On The Line Today

October 08, 2013

Day #5 Of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project Sometimes you feel like nothing’s happening. But what you don’t know is that things are happening behind the scenes. Just keep doing your part and putting forth the effort and energy, and dig deep for a little patience. I’m not just talking to you. I’m talking to me. Yesterday I finally informed you all of my 90-Day Do Something Big Project. And the reception was amazing! You’ve started telling me about your goals and your dreams and the things that you want to do big in these next 90 days. Which is exactly the reaction I was hoping for! And if you haven’t resolved to join the project or set yourself a goal, there’s still time. Hell, even 45 days from now there will still be time to do something big. In the midst of my excitement in updating you on the past four days the clock struck 3pm before I actually started doing anything to work towards my “big”. Worried that I’d have nothing to update you on today if I didn’t get to work, I finally started digging in and seeing what I could accomplish. With a tentative meeting about the frosting line planned for today, I took to the task of researching ingredient costs and co-packers. When I put the kibosh on the Dollop Frosting Line back in May I thought I had all of this sorted out. The ingredients were sourced, the co-packer was lined up, and the warehouse and distributors were ready. However, there was a slight problem with the final product, mainly due to one of the ingredients I had chosen to use. A couple weeks ago I decided to experiment with other ingredients, in the hopes of solving the problem. Luckily, I think I did. But now the problem has become whether or not I could source the new ingredient cheaply enough to make launching the product worthwhile. And this brings us to what today's meeting is about. NUMBERS. My kryptonite. It’s really pretty simple. We’ll go over the numbers. If the numbers make sense, we might move forward. If they don’t, well—I think you know what happens then. I’m not expecting a “yes, let’s do this” out of today’s meeting but if a “no” is avoided, then that’s a step. As I was working on ingredient research yesterday, around 5pm, Jill emailed me—
“How easy is it to put together a care package? Can you make something up and send it to The View? We’re emailing, she’s reading my pitch, and since this is a really hard booking to get I think it would be advantageous if you got something to her in the next couple days while my email is fresh in her mind.”
Ok! The View! That would be BIG. With the 90-Day project in mind I ran to the store and back home to make frosting RIGHT AWAY. A copy of The The Dollop Book of Frosting, a jar of Cookie Dough Frosting (Pg. 63!), a bundle of mini silver spoons, and a note from me will be arriving to The View’s lovely talent booker at 10:30am this morning. (Thanks to Dan who insisted on paying the $47 to overnight it instead of letting me two-day it.) Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. Arms crossed. Just cross it all for me today, ok? There are some big things on the line.

Question: Would you buy Dollop Frosting if it were sold in stores? Even better, would you be a Dollop Frosting ambassador? What steps did you take yesterday toward your something big? What steps are you taking today? What support could you use?

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