Being on Ellen would be something BIG

October 09, 2013

It's been thrilling to read over your comments and reactions these past few days of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project. Your support and rallying has been inspiring. And so many of you have decided to join me in this project by setting your own goals and dreams to push for before the year is up. Which really makes me proud. Part of doing something big I believe, is throwing it all out there. Aim high. Don't hold back. Don't fear falling. And as my friend Jason stated last night-- Just go. So on that note, after reading 10 comments telling me to try to get on Ellen, I asked Jill yesterday if she could pitch the Ellen show. A resounding "Yes, we can pitch her. But it's a really hard booking. REALLY HARD." So I made a video. Begging Asking Ellen to have me on her show.

Ellen producers--this would be big. Please consider the fun we could have with frosting. Sincerely & Sweetly, Heather Cupcakes Saffer  

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