Yesterday Was Overwhelming

October 09, 2013

Day #6 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project Well yesterday was overwhelming! My meeting about the frosting line went better than expected. I’m not getting my hopes too far up. But we’re a few steps closer to making a gourmet line of Dollop Frosting a reality. Squeal! There are so many things that have to happen this week though in order to move forward with it. And this is where I’m going to ask you to reach into your contacts and see if you can help. Things needed to make the Dollop Frosting line a reality
  1. A co-packer who is (ideally) located in the Rochester/Buffalo/Syracuse area. They must be able to cold fill 12 oz. plastic jars with frosting.
  2. Distributor contacts.
  3. Broker contacts.
  4. Printer for jar labels—mass quantity at a low cost.
  5. Corrugated box supplier.
Along with finding answers to all of these unknowns I need to source ingredients, find a broker, send out samples for lab testing, and start thinking about marketing. Whew! Lots to do. And this is just in order to figure out if we’ll move forward with making the frosting line a reality. Yesterday Jill asked me to shoot a short video to send to Ellen. You can see it here. Lastly, Cass set up a book signing at Barnes & Noble on November 2nd so please put it on your calendars NOW! Don’t let me sit there awkwardly alone behind a table. This is a giant fear. Please tell your friends. Invite everyone you know. I’d love a line of people. A big line! Oh, one more thing. I emailed that producer I know of pitching him on my TV show concept. No word as of yet. If he doesn’t reply by end of day today I’ll start pitching it out to others. You know what to do now. Cross those fingers.

Question: Do you have any contacts in food manufacturing or distribution? What steps did you take today towards your something “big”? Details. I need details.

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