I Had A Moment Of Psychosis Yesterday

October 10, 2013

Day #7 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project Wednesday consisted of a lot of emailing and calling. A LOT. My butt hurt badly by the end of the day. And although no tangible details were nailed down, a lot of progress was made. I even called some of your contacts for quotes on boxes and labels and such. So thank you for sharing those! I’m waiting on about 10 calls back today. I hope they all call before noon. You hear that, people? Call me back before noon! I hate waiting. Thank you. Jill heard back from The View. They said thank you for the frosting, they LOVE it but they’re going to pass. Huge. Letdown. I got majorly depressed and fell into a psychosis for about 15 minutes. I even said, “Screw this. I’m going nowhere. It’s a waste of time. I should just give up now.” In an effort to snap out of my psychosis I emailed my show pitch to my agent. And he replied! But it was not the response I was hoping for. So my psychosis and doubt started to return. Then I stopped myself. I said no. No. Do not doubt yourself. And in that moment I began sending my show pitch out to production companies, unsolicited. UNSOLICITED. How dare I. When I was 19 I worked for a pyramid scheming sales company. My job was to fill up my Chevy Prism with the merchandise of the day, drive to my territory, load my duffle bag with as much as I could carry, and walk through the door of every business I passed. Every. Business. I was hocking everything from travel alarm clocks, to giant coloring books, to knife sets, to desk calendars, to luggage. And I was supposed to sell everything in my car each day. Which meant that no door could be left unopened. Not even the doors marked with giant "NO SOLICITING" signs. To my surprise, it was those businesses who sometimes bought the most. I was a top salesperson. I repeatedly ended each day back at the office with an empty car. I trained people to be like me. I built a team. And the most important thing I taught them was to try every door. Every door. Even the doors you've already tried. Even the doors that said no to the electric heating pad in April. Now that you have a pumpkin carving set in October, they might say yes. Or maybe yesterday they were in a bad mood. And today they’re in a good mood. Or perhaps there’s a new manager. A new CEO. A new secretary. Try again. Because even if you get a "no" or something seems to not be working, or you face disappointments, setbacks, and letdowns, you must continue forward. You. Must. “Stick with it, keep pressing, because the rewards are greater than you imagine.” –TUT That’s my pep talk for today. So get out there and nail it. You got this.

Question: Do you know any TV production companies you can connect me to? Have you faced any moments of psychosis ie. doubt yet?

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