Book Signings, On Air Frosting Demos, And Famous Bloggers

October 11, 2013

The 90-Day Do Something Big Project Day #8 I hate Fridays. I’m 99% certain that 99% of you don’t feel the same way. Can I get that 1% to raise their hands though? You, over there in the corner! Are you with me on this Friday hatred thing? Fridays feel like this frantic push to me. I’m contending with the clock and the nearer it ticks to 5pm, the more phone calls and emails I have to cram in, hoping for a reply. And if a reply isn’t had by 5pm, it’ll be TWO WHOLE DAYS before I get one. Because Friday is the last day of work for America. And the problem is—I love working. Wait, let me fix that. I LOOOOOOVE working. See, working to me is more like life-ing. There’s such excitement and satisfaction in taking steps toward my dreams that “fun” things people do such as bar hopping or apple picking begin to lose their appeal. Maybe I need rehab. Or an intervention. A work intervention. That’s a thing, right? Yesterday I spoke to a lot of people. A LOT of people. Calls, emails, Twitter—I think I met 20 new people yesterday. Not your average people either—these were all very awesome people. Swear. Local channel 13 emailed me back yesterday morning to setup an on-air frosting demo. My first one! I’m pretty psyched. It’ll air October 30th, which means I better start thinking on something Halloween-y to do. Suggestions? Requests? What would you like to see? Did I already tell you about the Wegmans book signing? The Penfield location on November 9th from 11am-1pm. Mark it on your calendars. Please. Don’t let me stand there alone. I’m sure you’ll have to go grocery shopping that day anyway. Cass has been back and forth for almost a month now with J.R. Watkins, a super cool flavor and spice company. Yesterday they just about confirmed their involvement in my holiday blog tour. YES! So I better get to work on that stat. When I put together my blog tour last month, I had emailed a couple bloggers that I never heard back from. Yesterday it dawned on me to check this random email account I have that sometimes emails get mistakenly sent from and lo and behold there were the blogger’s replies that I had never replied to. Sent AUGUST 25th! Yikes. Great work, Heather. So I emailed them back (finally) apologizing profusely for my screw up and they both graciously forgave me. Stef of the Cupcake Project even wants to be involved in my holiday blog tour. She’s a pretty freakin’ big deal in the cupcake world so I’m honored. And the amazingly talented Irvin Lin of Eat the Love agreed to take a gander at my book. Both bloggers will have the The Dollop Book of Frosting: Sweet and Savory Icings, Spreads, Meringues, and Ganaches for Dessert and Beyond on their doorstep shorty. Lastly, Jill heard back from People magazine requesting a copy of The Dollop Book of Frosting. You may have already learned that this means nothing but it’s at least a step in the right direction. My publisher overnighted a copy so they’ll be receiving that for review today. Fingers crossed! Now it’s coffee time. And work time. The clock is ticking…

Question: What Halloween frosted treat would you like to see me make on TV? What are your plans this weekend? Don't forget to #dollopBIG

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