Why Things Are Actually Happening

October 15, 2013

Day #12 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project Yesterday. Oh yesterday, yesterday. Remember when I said I LOOOOVE Mondays? Well I don’t love National holiday Mondays. The majority of my calls and emails go unanswered on National holiday Mondays. Columbus, I dig you, but I’m trying to do something big here too. You of all people should support my project. Throughout the day, it felt like nothing was happening. Have you had those days? It feels as though just Nothing. Is. Happening. But here’s what actually went down: I crushed my squat program bright and early in the morning. The goal I was trying to hit three weeks ago I was finally able to attain yesterday. Strength! My CrossFit friends Laura and Claire surprised me with a gift of cupcake neckwear for Donald. Smiles all around.

donald's cupcake collar

Jill didn’t hear back from anyone about anything. My spice and extract samples arrived from J.R. Watkins. Just in time for today’s photo shoot! I really do love their stuff. And I’m not just saying that. I decided to finally buy the domain dollopfrosting.com. How I never thought to buy this before, I have no idea. I stressed over how I’m going to figure out this Better Show thing. Traveling to NYC, finding a cheap place to stay, styling my own food, and dragging bowls of butter, sugar, chocolate, etc. in a what—box? You know TV isn’t as glamorous as you think it to be, right? Hey “affordable” food stylists in NYC—call me. I emailed a production company I was referred to. No response. Hey Mr. Development Man—call me. I met with an equipment company about equipment stuff. Equipment is royally expensive. The sticker shock caused me to spill coffee down my shirt. I tried nonchalantly covering it with my hair. But I think it was too late. I had a phone call with someone about business stuff. This is very vague. My apologies. I’m not sure where anything we discussed will lead though. We’re meeting this week to re-discuss what we already discussed. And probably to discuss things further. Sounds exciting, right? I received an email from someone about business stuff. Look at me being vague again. Vagueness is so annoying. I hate when people are vague with me. But as much as I enjoy putting it all out there for you, some information needs to be kept on lockdown. Especially the information that is just shy of actually being information. So after all this, by the end of the night I was a bit like, “What the? Happened today?” There was a lot of information-non-information floating through my head. It was as if doors were being cracked ever so slightly open yet not far enough open for me to see anything. Doors that could hold brick walls on the other side of them. Or fields of green pastures and bursting sun. So although throughout the day it felt as though nothing was happening, as I look back on yesterday I see it was a relatively fulfilling day. It wasn’t a day of receiving answers, making decisions, or locking down plans. Rather, it was most fittingly, a day of exploration. Did anything happen to you yesterday? #dollopBIG                

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