I Have Some BIG Decisions To Make

October 18, 2013

Day #15 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project You probably want to hear how my meetings went yesterday, huh? I woke up at 6am this morning feeling mentally exhausted. I’m pretty sure I slept all night. In fact, I don’t recall waking up once. Which, if you’ve been in my life for an extended period of time you’ll know the improvement this is from my Ambien days. Yet somehow in the midst of this uninterrupted sleep last night my brain failed to shut down. I appreciate you trying to solve my problems at all times, brain, but those 8 hours when it’s dark out are time for you to Shut. It. The meetings yesterday had my mind in such flux that I forgot to tell Dan to feed Donald when he stopped by to walk him. Poor Donald. The meetings also led to half a bottle of wine. And while I can’t tell you specifics, I can inform you that something big is going to happen… Or not happen. I have many pros and cons to weigh. Many trusted advisors to talk to. Many gut checks to make. Much legality to sort out. It’s not as simple as you think it to be. It’s not as simple as I wish it to be. And when you’re relying on, depending on, and trusting someone else to have the same dedication, ambition, and drive that you have—things get tricky. Throw in morals and guiding principles and well, someone could wind up dead or in jail. (I kid, I kid. Kinda.) But really. It’s a fierce world out there. And everyone has his or her own agenda. And we know how things have gone before. I’m lucky and thankful that I have some potential options right now. It’s deciding which (if any) are the right ones. So. I’m getting a great response from bloggers about my Holiday Blog tour! Today I’m continuing to work on hashing out the details and filling in remaining open spots. I hope you guys are excited for this! I’ve never felt a part of the baking blog community before (and it’s a really tight knit community) so I’m shocked and honored that they’re willing to welcome me in with open arms. Seriously. I’m shocked. And honored. And I hope they never stop. Annnnnd that’s all I’ve got for you today. Fingers crossed for some more big news. Get out there today and get your #dollopBIG on! What’s the BIGGEST thing you’re doing today??  

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