Flashback Photo To Me At Age 9

October 21, 2013

Days #16, 17, & 18 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project It’s Monday!! Raise your hand if you’re excited. No? I see no hands. Seriously, is it just me who loves Mondays? I want you to start loving Mondays with me. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend full of pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, pumpkin eating, and pumpkin latte drinking. This pumpkin thing only lasts so long—I suspect you’re trying to take full advantage of it. This weekend I took a little breather from my hard work. Sometimes even I need a break. When I reach the point of desperately scrounging through my purse for that illustrious bottle of Airborne, I know I’m feeling rundown enough to get some rest. Saturday started off with a rousing CrossFit workout that I wasn’t entirely in the mood to do. Surprisingly, I did pretty great. Funny how that happens. After recovering, Donald and I went to play group where he terrorized the other dogs. Donald is one scrappy little guy. I then went to my mom’s new place to help her move in. Except she was done moving already. Perfect timing Oops. I did rearrange her living room though. Because I have such an eye for design and all. In the process of unpacking my mom dug through some of her old photo albums. At which point she gifted me with the lovely picture above. Age 9. My mom and I baking our yearly tradition of deformed Hanukkah cookies with store bought frosting. Who knew back then? The only subsequent photos we have of me baking during my childhood are of this exact same scene—same cookie cutters and all. Only change is that I get a little taller and a lot more awkward (but less adopted) looking. After redecorating my mom’s new home, strolling down memory lane, and stuffing my mouth with chips and hummus, I headed to my car to await my interview Skype chat for this podcast titled Monkey Radio. An in-depth interview had me sitting in my car in the mall parking lot for over an hour. Over an hour! It was fun though. I even did an impression of Sarah Palin. You heard that correct. I did an impression of Sarah Palin. The podcast will be available for free download tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon. I’ll leave the details below and on my Upcoming Appearances page. Saturday wrapped up with a BBQ dinner, a not-so-terrifying visit to a haunted house with my favorite CrossFit folks, and a gluten-free donut and apple cider. I Halloweened it up Saturday night. Sunday (Day #18) found me a bit more in need of relaxation. Lots of reading, Donald-petting, and a little yoga summed up the day. Sometimes I feel guilty for relaxing. It actually takes more concerted effort at times to do nothing than to do work. But then I remember that a recharged Heather can kick more ass than a drained Heather, any day. So you know what that means for this week… Did you recharge this weekend? What ass are you going to kick this week? #dollopBIG   Tuesday, 10/22/2013--"Monkey Radio with Marc" www.monkeyradio.info Episode 129 "Cupcake" Marc regales a tale of being attacked by a conductor on the subway, and a game double-header with the premeier of two new games "Impress Me" (hint: It involves impressions) and "The Meh News"! A 23 caret gold End of Show Food segment with Elsie and more! Guest: "Cupcake Wars" champion and frosting entrepreneur Heather Saffer exposes the business of frosting, business and fame. She might even impersonate Sarah Palin...  

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