Five Things I'm Grateful For. Because Yesterday Sucked.

October 22, 2013

Day #19 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project I’m going to stop professing my love for Mondays. Universe—you win. No more Monday love here. Cross my heart. Yesterday left me feeling a bit defeated. Between bad news, no news, and Donald being possessed by the devil, bedtime couldn’t come soon enough. I read that expressing gratitude can make you rich. Or at least pull you from a slump. Or make you happier. Or something like that. So in that vein, here’s five things I’m grateful for today. The ability to never give up. I’m one of the lucky ones—blessed with an innate sense of resilience and perseverance that allows me to push forward in the face of adversity. I’m grateful for this talent as it allows me to actively pursue my dreams. (I need to remind myself of this one more often.) A living space with more than one room. For three years I lived in a studio apartment. Each night after spending the day at the cupcake shop, I would sit at home working at my desk/coffee table, and then travel the three feet to my bed around midnight. I had terrible insomnia. IRS documents and business bills were the monsters under my bed. Today I’m grateful that my bed is upstairs, my files are downstairs, and my insomnia is no longer. My Donald. Yes, yesterday he was possessed by a demon. A severe exorcism was desperately needed. But on normal days Donald is the sweetest, happiest, most spoiled puppy alive. Those mornings I don’t want to get out of bed? The thought of going downstairs to reunite Donald is what moves me. Morning is no longer a lonely, solitary act, rather a playful occasion with a wagging tail. The capability of paying my phone bill. Sometimes I hate how reliant I am on my cell phone. Email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Google Maps, etc. But then I imagine a day that I won’t be able to pay my phone bill. I run out of savings. My plans of world frosting domination don’t come to fruition. I get sued for all that I have or will ever have. Anything could happen. And these phone bills are not cheap. They come at a premium. Just thinking of the millions of people who don’t have the luxury I have in being able to afford mine—something I so often take for granted, makes me grateful. Perspective. You. When you rally behind me, my heart swells. I’m grateful for you. My only wish is that you'd talk to me more. And look at that you guys; I’m already feeling better! I’m going to continue with my list in the privacy of my own spacious home throughout the day. And if you’re having a rough go of it lately, I hope this inspires you to do the same. What are 5 things you’re grateful for? Go on, put it out to the universe. #dollopBIG 

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