This Is My Morning Routine

October 23, 2013

Day #20 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project I went to sleep last night with a strong urge to mix things up today. Although I dig routine, sometimes I’m struck with this momentary panic that my routine is causing my life to flatline. Just like your body becomes accustomed to the same 30 minutes on the elliptical machine everyday and eventually ceases to benefit, your life can become accustomed to that 6:30am wakeup time and 1pm coffee, and begin to stall. Routine is comfortable, comforting, and safe. You know what else is safe? Stagnancy. Which is actually one of my deepest fears. Don’t tell anyone. My everyday morning routine
  1. My alarm goes off at 6:06am.
  2. I hit snooze.
  3. Lie in bed reading emails and scrolling twitter through two snooze cycles.
  4. At 6:36am I put on my glasses, roll out of bed, turn off my air conditioner, turn on the light, turn off the fan, put in my contacts, and brush my teeth.
  5. Returning to my room I throw on gym clothes plus dog walking clothes and swallow one Claritan and two fish oil pills.
  6. Using my phone light to guide me I head downstairs, flip on the living room light, and say good morning to Donald.
  7. I turn the kitchen light and the coffee pot on.
  8. Sitting on the floor, I open Donald’s crate, he exits, and I rub his belly for several minutes.
  9. I then feed Donald, walk him around the corner, return home, make coffee, and sit down to write.
  10. Two cups of coffee and a few hours of work later and I crate Donald, grab a Quest bar, and head to the gym.
Until writing it out I didn’t realize how strict my morning routine was. It’s a little scary. And a little sad. I kind of want to scream at myself, “MIX IT UP! Mix it up, Heather!” So last night in preparation, I set my alarm for 5:59am instead of 6:06am. I didn’t even hit snooze as I lay there in my warm cozy bed. I actually thought to myself—what good would hitting snooze do? I’d still have to get up. I’d just be delaying the inevitable and I wouldn’t even feel more rested for it. Snooze, you are pointless and obstructing my world frosting domination plans. So up I hopped (swinging over the opposite side of the bed). Two cups of coffee and one dog walk later, (some routines must remain) I headed to CrossFit three hours earlier than I usually do. They were surprised to see me. Erin even asked, with wide eyes, what time it was and why I was there. I told her I needed to shake up my routine. I'm not going to say I feel like a whole new person but ya know, I already sense a bit of a bounce in my step. The sun's a little brighter, my spirit's a little livelier, and my day's a little less monotonous. Amazing what a shake-up can do for you. Try it. Switch up your routine today and tell me how you feel. #dollopBIG

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