I Pretended To Be A Photographer

October 28, 2013

Days #23, 24, & 25 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project You know what’s deeply unsettling to me right now? This. cluttered kitchen Would you just look at the state of my kitchen? Cass did a great job shooting the photos for the Holiday Blog Tour the first time around but then I decided that I wanted more photos—different angles, different setups, different recipes--and so I've attempted to take on the role of photographer myself, with help from Dan--who's an engineer. I’m stressed over the content I’m sharing on someone else’s blog because I truly hate to disappoint. Hate. And so I keep redoing and redoing in a quest for perfection. But this kitchen. Holy. I really need to wrap this up. Unfortunately though, it’s taking long because photography is not my thing. In fact, I’m a perfect example of why professional photographers exist. And why you should hire one. So while part of the weekend was spent with Dan building a light box, me making and remaking recipes, buying and returning props, and cleaning up poop; the rest of the weekend was rather tame. Well, aside from the parts where I stressed over future happenings or non-happenings. I do this often—play out scenarios in my mind of things that may occur in the future—or may not occur. Do you do this? I like to feel prepared for any occurrence. This weekend I even spent time with friends. Friends. I’m still in shock that I have friends now. I went years without having friends—or at least feeling like I had friends. I suspect that you don’t believe me but I promise you this is true. Yesterday afternoon I sat in my car for 30 minutes while a radio station in Rhode Island interviewed me. “Dining Out With Bruce”. Since I don’t know anyone in Rhode Island I asked Dan to listen to me via I Heart Radio. He said I did a fine job. And since no one else heard me I have no choice to but believe him. My favorite place to conduct radio interviews is from inside my car. The Fiat truly makes a wonderful little sound booth. And there are very few distractions while sitting in my car. Once in awhile a random person wearing an interesting ensemble walks past and catches my eye but if I stare blindly at my dash or park at the far end of the parking lot there’s less of a chance of that happening. Now it’s Monday and I’m just going to put this out to the Universe today— I have zero expectations for you, Monday. I don’t love you. I’m not waiting on the edge of my seat for something good to happen. I’m going to treat you like I treat Wednesday—ambivalently. So. Carry on. This week is actually going to be really busy. I’m looking forward to it but I’m also kind of dreading it. Wednesday morning is my live frosting demo on WHAM-13. Will you be watching? This is my first live frosting demo ever so…yeah. I need to practice. Like, today. And tomorrow. I already know what I’ll be making but I have to prep the ingredients, make the finished product and pack up alllllll of my utensils, tools, and decorations for the table. You know how you hate packing for a trip? This is like that. I need an assistant. Also this week I must finish up these Holiday Blog Tour photos so I can write the recipes and submit them to the bloggers. And DE-CLUTTER my kitchen. Before I lose all sense. Friday I have cupcakes to make for my friend’s very very very special occasion. And Saturday is my first ever book signing! At Barnes & Noble. Will you be there? Please be there. And the rest of the week… we’ll see what it has to hold. Last week of October. Get on it today. What do you have planned? #dollopBIG

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