My Smiling Face (And Recipes) Are In People Magazine!

November 14, 2013

Day #42 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project I just danced a jig through the aisles of Wegmans. Yes, yes I did. Luckily for everyone else I stopped just short of singing, ‘I’m in People magazine, I’m in People magazine!’—Although this tune was definitely coursing through my brain. I almost ran up to an elderly lady just to show her. And then my senses returned. So now here I am, sitting and looking at my smiling face on the back of Giada’s smiling face. When the shock wears off I might even read the rest of the magazine! If you haven’t seen it yet, please go do me a favor and pick yourself up a copy. Then tell all your friends to do the same. It’s $3.99 but the joy it would bring me is priceless. And you’ll get to read about Jackie’s private agony and Miranda’s new body. And if you’re new here—finding my site because you’re a People reader (hey, George Clooney!) I welcome you with a big, giant high five! (Hugs aren’t really my thing.) And I encourage you to take a look around. Stay awhile. Pull up a stool. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Or scotch. Or beer. Or whatever it is the kids are drinking these day. Oh, and don’t forget to say hi! (You hear me, Jimmy Fallon? I’ve always taken you for a closeted People reader.) If you’ve gotten this far, (you frosting lover, you!) you must follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Yes, must. The frosting gods say so.

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