What Thanksgiving Weekend Looks Like

November 27, 2013

Day #55 of The 90-Day Do Something Big Project I’m not a bad driver. At least not anymore. My youth may have consisted of several collisions, high insurance premiums, and a bevy of used cars, but today, I’m not a bad driver. I swear. With a brand new Fiat, I’m more of an overprotective driver, if anything. I love my little car and I want no harm near it. And when my little dog is in my little car, I have an extreme urge to bubble wrap the whole damn thing. Yesterday with the snowstorm pending and me desperately needing to drive to the mall and Target, I felt a bit crazed rushed which led to an awkward encounter with a girl I know whilst we were both looking at necklaces. Her: Heather! Hey! Me: Oh, hey! Her: How are you? Me: Good. Um, needing to get out of here. There’s a snowstorm coming. Her: Yeah, but that’s not hitting us till later tonight. Me. Um, no, I think it’s coming sooner than you think. Her: <eye roll + ‘you’re weird’ glare> Ok. Let me just get by you. The worst part might be that she works in news. Like, at a news station. Where there’s constant incoming weather reports. And I basically just told her that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. For fear of more awkwardness and the impending snowstorm that I just knew was hitting any second, I left the mall and rushed to Target where I needed to find supplies for my TV appearance on Monday. I’m neither famous enough nor rich enough to hire a professional food stylist so I need to make, bake, and prep all of my ingredients and finished products for two recipes over these next couple days to bring with me to NYC. This is going to be me. (Just try to envision me instead of Tyler Florence.)

At Target I was looking for little glass bowls to portion all my ingredients into. You know the kind they use on TV. Except of course they didn’t have any. So I tried to get the next best thing—Pyrex dishes. A professional food stylist would probably say these are not the next best things. But they'll have to do. I also needed a hand mixer since I decided that although I’m strong and stuff I’d really rather not drag my KitchenAid through the streets of Manhattan like a homeless baker. In order to haul all this stuff to the hotel and then to the studio and back to the hotel, Dan purchased this Stanley tote which takes up his entire back seat. Since I have a book signing on Black Friday (that you all are coming to, right?!?!) we won’t be able to leave for our trip till Saturday. I begged Dan to drive me down because I can’t drive on the Thruway without getting massive panic attacks. So actually, as a therapist would say, I just can’t drive on the thruway. The plan is to drive down on Saturday to where Dan’s parents live, (which is a couple hours from the city) have Thanksgiving with them and stay overnight, and then drive INTO the city on Sunday and park at our hotel. Dan doesn’t want to drive in the city so I’ll take over driving duties once we reach that craziness. Because city driving does not give me panic attacks. I have to be at the TV studio by 8am on Monday morning to start setting up. My segment tapes from 9:30am-10:30am. Then I’ll have to clean up, pack up, and hail a cab to Sirius radio for two studio interviews by 11:15am. Time crunch. Whew! Then we’re probably heading straight back because Dan has to work on Tuesday. Where’s the time to play? There isn’t any. At least I’ll catch a glimpse of the tree since the Sirius studios are in Rockefeller center. But before we head back home we’ll have to stop at Dan’s parents house to pick up Donald because he’s coming with us on his first road trip!!! Donald’s First Road Trip!!! He has no idea. But I bet if he did he’d be really excited. So that’s my Thanksgiving weekend in a nutshell. Thanksgiving is in there somewhere. As is Hanukkah. Happy Hanukkah!! Tomorrow I might blog my way through the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while drinking coffee, wearing pajamas, eating eggs, and petting Donald. What’s on your To Do List today?   Have a frosting lover on your gift list? Check out my Gift Guide For Frosting Lovers!

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