A Frosting Gift Idea With CakeSpy

December 09, 2013

Only a couple weeks left till Christmas! How's your shopping going? Are you in need of more unique gift ideas? On today's Holiday Blog Tour stop Day #7, I'm at the infamous CakeSpy blog showing you a recipe for dollops of Cookie Dough Frosting on Chocolate Spoons. Don't be the 5th person to show up to that holiday party with a tray of thumbprint cookies. Instead, impress partygoers with these easy to make frosted chocolate spoons! Want to take it up yet another notch? Serve with shot glasses of flavored milk (or adult flavored milk... yummm).

For the full recipe head on over to CakeSpy!

And while you're there, check out her online shop of the most adorably sweet hand-crafted gifts and her newly released book, The Secret Lives of Baked Goods: Sweet Stories & Recipes for America's Favorite Desserts! *Need more frosting gift ideas? Follow the tour and check out my Gift Guide For Frosting Lovers!”   Did you miss my frosting demos on Hallmark's Better Show last week? How dare you! (kidding! kinda.) To see how to make Cookie Dough Frosting with Rebecca Budig and JD Roberto click here! And to see how to make Gingersnap Stout Frosting Pie click here  

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