The Best Chocolate Cupcakes You've Ever Had

December 19, 2013

Donald peed on my bed.  I burnt my muffins. I lost focus on a box jump causing a bloody swollen softball to appear on my shin. And I've had precisely 4 anxiety attacks--One at the gym, one in the car, one in the shower, and one on my couch. Suffice to say this week is not going in my favor. However, there's a lesson in all of this. There is something this week is trying to teach me. Now I just need to figure out what that is. In the meantime I may have come up with a new book idea. I haven't decided yet if it's a good idea but it's an idea. And ideas are the seeds of success. Or something like that. The other good news is that Alicia of Bakeholic.ca up in Canada is sharing a recipe for the best Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream that you've ever tasted from The Dollop Book of Frosting! And she shot such lovely pictures that you really MUST take a look. And you know what else? Today concludes "Heather's Holiday Blog Tour"! I've had such a grand time on this blog tour that I hope to do another one again next year. I'll keep the full list of tour stops and links here in case you missed any and want to take a gander. If you've been baking your butt off this season and frosting like crazy, make sure you share pics of your creations on the Dollop Frosting Facebook wall! We all want to see. I promise you. Happy Thursday, everyone! P.S. If it's not happy just search for the lesson. *Need more frosting gift ideas? Follow the tour and check out my Gift Guide For Frosting Lovers!” Did you miss my frosting demos on Hallmark’s Better Show last week? How dare you! (kidding! kinda.) To see how to make Cookie Dough Frosting with Rebecca Budig and JD Roberto click here! And to see how to make Gingersnap Stout Frosting Pie click here

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