Giving Up Sweets This Year? Think Again

January 29, 2016

Giving Up Sweets This Year? Think Again

Not all Sweets are Created Equal

dollop frosting- best frosting People give up sweets for all sorts of reasons. Many give up sweets as a new year's resolution to be healthier, lose weight or rid their life of unhealthy attachments. These are admirable reasons, really - good for you! But what if there was a way to be healthy, eat nutritious whole foods and still have your dessert! Like have that darn cake AND eat it too! Would you be interested? Would you like more sweets in your life if you knew you'd never gain a pound again?
 Would you change your resolution to "not eat sweets" if you knew you could eat some sweets that won't lead to those negative effects like hormone imbalance, food addiction and diabetes? Here's the truth: Not all sweets are created equal. (mic drop) We know, it's kind of shocking. But we aren't just tooting our own dollop frosting horn here. We want you to know that important rules apply to a healthy lifestyle. If you know what those rules are you won't have to make drastic changes like cut that beloved sugar out of your life until you make yourself crazy. That's crazy! Sugar is too important to give up on, friends.dollop frosting cupcake

Let's chat about Sugar and Calories: The Rules

Okay, so if you read this far, it's safe to assume that you like sweets enough to try out a new philosophy that gives you back the delicious sugar you love. You know all about calories, right? Calories in; calories out. That's the general rule of thumb. Calories are really just another name for energy. Each day, your body needs a certain amount of energy to run on. Energy is good and necessary for survival, so calories are good. (mind blown) The average American can have a daily calorie intake around 2,000. So let's apply that number to our scenario. If you are allowed 2,000 calories a day that means your body uses all of those calories to sustain itself.Remaining safely within that number means you will be a healthy and happy person. The problem with "knowing" about calories is that people play a calorie game and forget to play the nutrition game.

Eating low calories is NOT the same as eating a healthy or nutritious diet.Sweets are ok DOllop gourmet

We are not about to tell you that you can compromise nutrition and fill your sweet tooth with chemically induced, processed, fake sugars. That is not a good idea. You can read all about the harmful ingredients in fake sugars here. Instead, we want to tell you that you can have real sugar every day and still be healthy (and well within your daily allotted calories). Real food is always better than processed, imitation food. Please give real sugar a chance.

The Sugar Formula

lump sugar dollop gourmetA healthy, nutritious diet of 2,000 calories/day is made up of certain elements. Nutrients involve enough protein, fats, and carbs each day. So to have a healthy amount of sugar, we did some research. We like what Calorie King had to say about this topic...
The accepted guideline is that added sugars should not make up more than 10 percent of your total energy intake for the day, although, many nutritionists will recommend even less than this. How much is "10 percent"? Well, in a 2000-calorie-a-day diet, 10 percent would be equal to about 50 grams, or 10 teaspoons of sugar.
Someone who is eating a healthy 2,000 calorie diet can eat 50 grams of sugar a day! That's a lot. Even if you lower that number a bit you can eat 40 grams of sugar and feel completely comfortable with that healthy choice. A quick Google search told us that 1 gram of sugar is equal to 4 calories. calories in sugar - dollop gourmet So, about 160 - 200 calories of sugar a day is acceptable! Now that you know it's safe to eat sweets, it's time to strategize about the foods that have sugar in them. Keep in mind that breads, fruit and even some vegetables contain sugar so if you're eating lots of fruit and then a big bowl of ice cream you may go above your appropriate 50 grams of sugar. If you are going to eat some dessert because, come on, a life without dessert is like a life of no sunshine. We can't live with that. You need Dollop Gourmet Frosting in your life.

Dollop Gourmet Frosting is the Healthiest Dessert Spread on the Market

  20141101-_MG_7801You should know what is in your dessert if you're going to be healthy about it. Our founder, Heather, did not win Food Network's Cupcake Wars on charm alone. She won because she is determined to never compromise flavor and remain true to her conviction that desserts should be enjoyed, guilt-free. That's why she went to extensive measures to create Dollop Gourmet frostings that are Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, Soy-free, mostly organic and 100% delicious. (Watch Heather win Cupcake wars on Netflix! Season 2; Episode 7 ;)
The best part of Dollop Gourmet frostings is that they have the lowest amount of sugar per serving compared to any other frosting on the market.
Dollop Frosting Nutrition FactsDollop Gourmet's 2 Tbs serving has merely 9-11 grams of sugar. Compare that to other natural frosting brands with upwards of 21 grams of sugar per 2 Tbs serving.You know how earlier we said you can have your dessert and eat it too? We weren't joking. We never joke about dessert. This year, get serious about your sugar choices. Eat the frosting that you know is nutritious and delicious - Dollop. Then have 4 servings of it because that's still less than 50g of sugar! Order your frosting today!

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