Dolloping America - Where is She Now?

November 09, 2016

Dolloping America - Where is She Now?

She's not in Kansas Anymore

Have you been following Heather's #DollopingAmerica journey on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram? Just a week ago Heather packed her fiat with all her things (mainly frosting, of course), grabbed her dog Donald and commenced a journey through the US to find warmer weather.

She has already stopped to share holiday and celebratory (yeah Cubs!) recipes with the following cities: 

Highlights from Toledo OH - Heather was on Rebecca's Full Plate and filmed for an everyday Mom's show!Heather and Rebecca Reigner in Toledo OH

Watch Heather's Indianapolis IN Segment 

Watch Heather's Chicago IL segment 

Highlights from St. Louis MO - Dollop's new labels came in! Woot woot!

Highlights from Kansas City MO - Eats delicious BBQ and explores their grocery store ;)

Highlights from Wichita KS - Heather had the BEST sweet potato fries of her life.

Next stops:

Nov. 10: Colorado Springs, CO
Nov. 15: Denver, CO
Nov .18: Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 22: San Diego, CA
Nov. 26: San Francisco, CA
Nov. 28: Los Angeles, CA!

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If you spot Heather, Donald and a green Fiat traveling through your city, be sure to honk and wave!


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