Love-Hate of Social Media & H. Cupcakes

November 28, 2011

I'll admit, I probably check facebook way more than necessary and way more than the business calls for it. Honestly, I do use the business as my excuse for reading through my facebook newsfeed like a song on repeat. My obsessive compulsive tendencies are probably more-so the real reason why I refresh facebook and do some work and refresh and do some work and then refresh and do some more work and you get the gist here. These OCD tendencies are also what feed my umbilical cord attachment to my cell phone. Trust me, I'm not popular enough to have my phone bee-deeping (that's the sound it makes) every two seconds yet it's by my side at all times and even claims the left-hand side of my bed at night. If my business is my husband it'd be safe to say my iphone is my boyfriend. This post is about social media though, not my sexy cell phone. Since facebook and twitter are such integral parts of my business and since I'm Dollop's secretary/personal assistant/marketer/sales girl/etc., I constantly need to be keeping on top of theses outlets and pushing out updates. Everyday I post our flavor specials and I try my best to engage our fans by asking questions, posting pictures and replying to comments. Entrepreneurs take note: this is super important!! I'm sure most of you already know this though. If facebook is so great for business then what's the deal with it's effect on my self-esteem you ask? Well jeez, everyone is just so gosh-darn-it jolly happy all the time on facebook! What happened to having something interesting to say or being witty or doing anything other than going on and on everyday about how amazingly perfect your life is? Am I the only one who wonders why, if their lives are so amazing they have to keep reminding all of their “friends” on facebook? In reality are they really just needing to remind themselves? Better yet, why do you keep telling me how far you ran, how much you lifted, how many books you read, drinks you drank, turkeys you cooked, horses you wrangled... I mean, when did facebook turn into life's little Guinness Book of personal records? Ok, this is where I feel like I'm so not qualified to have a piece of paper in a file somewhere from SUNY Brockport that deems me a graduate of psychology. I must have learned absolutely nothing in school if reading “friend's” status updates (who are mostly either acquaintances or “who the hell are you's”) makes me feel like a miserable workaholic for sitting home and reading about their happiness. Granted, I'm definitely not the most jovial person in the world and I have yet to ever be branded as “bubbly” but I'm not in a state of misery either. It just seems that on Friday and Saturday nights while I'm at home whiling away on work, I shouldn't feel so bad about my state of... well my state of whatever. So if you're out there thinking everyone is super happy perma-grin at all times, especially when you're not; I'll always be here to remind you that isn't the case ;) Cupcakes = Life Heather Cupcakes

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