While You're All Christmas Shopping, I'm... Well, I'm Not

December 05, 2011

December is that festive time of year when people are out shopping and knocking stuff off their lists for those near and dear to them. Commercials are abundant, sales are pervasive and shoppers abound! Joy fills the air and christmas carols blast from the speakers in every store. At least this is what I recall from years past... Confession time: I actually have not entered a store to shop in many months. The only reason I've been to a mall is to cater cupcakes for special events. I traipsed quickly through the mall to setup the cupcakes and traipsed immediately back to the shop at the conclusion of the event. Perusing the sales, let alone actually purchasing anything didn't even register on my compass. This holiday season I'll shamefully admit that I actually have no one to buy presents for. Literally, not one single person. I know what you're thinking; “hey, what about me? Buy me something”! Yes, I know that anyone would gladly accept a present however, I probably just don't know you like that if you're not on my imaginary shopping list. ;) Your second thought is most likely “what about your family? Aren't you going to buy them Hanukkah gifts?” (yes, I'm Jewish *gasp*). Well, my family has never exactly done the whole present swap thing. Last year I remember spending days trolling the stores joyfully stressing over the hunt for the perfect treasures for a special someone. I didn't have a boyfriend but I was “seeing” someone enough to do the christmas stocking and presents under the tree charade (happily hanging up my Jew cap in exchange for a santa hat that year). If I recall correctly I think I might have even had a party or two to attend that I needed to doll up for! Oh, how times change. Moral of this emo-driven story is that even though I'm saving myself a few hundred dollars this year I feel a bit of a void from missing out on all the holiday festivities. This is supposed to be a magical time of year yet it's more so like someone forgot to stamp my hand when I exited Disney World to retrieve something from my car and now I'm not allowed back inside the park. I'm stuck moping outside the gates; merely an observer of the magic. I still (naively) hold out hope that before January hits someone will see me and come out to stamp my hand... deeming me worthy of partaking in some holiday fun. If not, I have plenty of work to keep me busy. Consider yourself forewarned though that you may see me transform into a full-fledged green grinch this year. Cupcakes = Life Heather Cupcakes

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