Where The Cupcake Bar Meets The Singles Bar

December 09, 2011

Alright, I'm about to divulge a tiny secret and I refuse to be ashamed about this. You already know I'm single and you'll hear plenty more about it in the entries to come. It seems to be a large part of “who I am” in the sense that it relegates me to the lonely side more often than not. Oh boy, here goes nothing... the secret is that I've been on match.com for 6 months now. Gah! I can't believe I admitted that to you all! Actually, my 6 month membership expires this weekend and I'm supposed to cancel it. Will I? I'm not sure yet... even though to be honest, I'm not exactly looking for a relationship right now. As you can see in one of my pictures and if you've watched my Cupcake Wars audition video, I'm married and fully devoted and dedicated to my business. A business is like a husband... bossy, unappreciative at times, needy, expensive (ok, I'm kinda jaded here I'll admit). Anyways, to be fair I don't have time or patience for a boy in my life. And although I may look great on paper, I'm not the girl you'd want to bring home to mom when reality calls. Some guys will find this out the hard way. Although, here's my forthright confession: buyer beware... you may prefer to rent. Ok, so back to the match game since you might be asking yourself 'why is this chick even online dating after that rant'? Well, I'm partially in denial by thinking a fairytale will wind up in my lap (or wander into my shop because he's obsessed with peanut butter bacon cupcakes). I'm also partially just needing a distraction from time to time... a drink or dinner out between working at the shop and working at home. However, I'm more likely to raincheck a date than I am to actually stick to one. Just tonight I found myself doing that thing again... canceling a date to instead leave work at 8pm, go to crossfit and come home and work some more. I'm sure you're also wondering 'what's all this work she's doing at home'? Well, that's for another day but trust me, we'll cross that frosted path soon. So I cancel on a first date, making that all important first impression a stellar one I'm sure. The nice lad seems understanding saying we'll shoot again for Friday night. Will I mosey up to the bar on Friday night to meet this guy only to scare him off down the road? I haven't decided yet and I never do till the last minute and more work pops up or doesn't. Besides, I've come to find that some of the things that guys say they find attractive; independence, dedication and work ethic are the same exact qualities that repel them down the road. So there ya go. This is your first glimpse into the dating world of Heather Cupcakes; the singling mingling cupcakery owner who has the rare gift of enticing and repelling at the same time, although doing much more of the latter lately. I promise, my dating adventures have been and hopefully will be more exciting than this one was tonight. Just thought a brief introduction and divulging of my secret was in order. Also, a small disclaimer: if the right guy just happens to swoop down upon me I do hope that I won't be a complete dumbass and kick him out of my life. For now though, it's back to the behind the scenes work that happens late at night that you all don't know about yet ;) Cupcakes = Life Heather Cupcakes

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